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Jim Berry Going Back To Sports; Prim Siripipat Out


Changes again at WFOR.

Miami Herald reporting Jim Berry is going back to doing sports as the station’s chief sportscaster. In May 2008 Berry was moved from sports to anchoring the morning newscast alongside Cynthia Demos.

Also, Prim Siripipat who joined WFOR in August of 2007 as a sports anchor, is no longer with the station. Long time WFOR sportscaster Kim Bokamper will be taking over for her.

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    • I will no longer watch Chanel 4 because of what they did. She had heart. Jim left the position. Bad move

  1. According the the article in the Herald, she was let go:

    “Siripipat, who declined to comment, was told her dismissal was the result of budget cuts, not job performance.”

    I hate to see anyone lose their job. She has a nice personality and brought a lot of enthusiasm to her work. I hope she finds another job.

    The article didn’t say who, if anyone, was taking JB’s place on weekday mornings.

    • That news director sure is bad luck. She came in firing people and left firing more people. If Jawan is doing the morning show who will anchor my33 news? Marybel Rodriguez was a great anchor. They should put her back on the anchor chair.

  2. She was terrible, it’s about time, Jim Berry was awesome in this role and it should never be changed. I could under Jim’s wanting to diversify in the tough media market these days to keep himself marketable but he lost his goofyness which makes him endearing. Good to see this move. It is long overdue. Was wondering when this terrible experiment would end.

  3. Poor Prim, I think she is getting married soon, and now no job 🙁 Guess she’ll find something elsewhere.

    It says that Jim is replacing Prim, does that mean he’ll be on weekends only? Or he’s just taking her spot, he’ll be weeknights and bump Bo back to weekends?

  4. I was never a Jim Berry fan, however I’m a big fan of Kim. Oh well, no more watching sports on 4 then. I sorta like Prim too, a shame. Is anyone replacing Jim in the am , or is she going solo? I guess this will let Kim spend more time at Bokampers, I hear its a hell of a place!

  5. I liked Prim. She was probably the biggest reason why I watched channel 4. I’ll miss her. She was very nice and brought a bright personality to the show.

    • If you guys are wondering, since I never seen this girl until today, I did a websearch on this girl, who I just fell in love with after seeing her on my TV just now. Don’t worry about her career right now, cause I think she is now with ESPN! I have a 360 and she did the NBA 411! I hope to see more of her, cause I’d love to get with her!


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