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WSVN Sports Director Steve Shapiro Likes to Entertain

Steve Shapiro Photo: WSVN.com

The Miami Herald recently chatted with WSVN sports director Steve Shapiro about his time on South Florida TV, 20 years since he came here for a job in 1990 at then WCIX, and some of his best memories. Like when he got called to the bosses’ office! Once because of a slip of the tongue (doesn’t mention a station but I think it happens at WSVN and it’s recent) when instead of saying “two-hit shutout” Shapiro mangled the words and it came out as “two-hit sh*tout”. And the second time because while talking to sports agent Drew Rosenhaus about Christmas Shapiro told him that “…few people know this but I am the inventor of the misletoe belt buckle.’ Ok, that last one, made you chuckle right?

Shapiro is now Miami’s longest running sports newscaster after Tony Segreto moved to news, and Jim Berry also briefly anchored WFOR’s morning newscasts. He says he’d be happy to make it 30 years and be the market’s longest continuous sports anchor.

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  1. worked with him at Channel 4. The stuff he did that got him to the manager’s office was pale in comparisson the stuff he said to a lot fo the female staff. A lot not repeatable!!!!!


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