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Condos Next to WSVN? Try a Strip Club Instead


Remember the story from January 2008 when WSVN owner Ed Ansin had to file a lawsuit agains the real estate developer who bought the WIOD building next door and had plans to build high rises? Yep, well that lawsuit is still in the courts but it seems that same developer has now changed plans and instead of two high-rise condos he wants to build a 5 story building next to WSVN’s studios that would house a strip club! A big strip club, 27,970 square feet for stripper girls and their fans to be exact.

WSVN ran a story last night about the proposal with Ed Ansin naturally saying he is categorically against it, and expressed confidence that his company will prevail in the property rights lawsuit.

North Bay Village Planning & Zoning commission will vote today around 7:30pm on whether to allow the strip club proposal to go forward or not. According to North Bay Village Reality Based Community blog the vote is expected be 2 to 1 in favor. The developer Scott Greenwald is said to be quite influential with North Bay Village politicians having donated money to all members of the Planning & Zoning commission and has allegedly financed the election campaign of one of its members.

Meanwhile public records show the owners of the former WIOD property have not paid property taxes since 2008, amassing over a million dollars in back taxes.


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