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Jennifer Gray Returns to WTVJ


WTVJ weekend meteorologist Jennifer Gray left South Florida in 2009 for KTBS to be closer to her boyfriend and family in Louisiana. Fast forward two years and she’s back at NBC 6, her boyfriend is now her husband and she’s now known to viewers as Jennifer Reeves. She’s again forecasting the weather on weekend mornings from 6am to 9am.


  1. Glad to see Jennifer back! All we need now is Kelly Craig back on the 5PM news. BRING BACK KELLY CRAIG!!!

  2. Hey Mr. Reeves, I know you already know this, but I’m gonna say it anyway, you my boy, are one very lucky guy, and don’t you ever forget it !!!! You have yourself a gem, so don’t ever let her go.

  3. Good to see her back – that makes 2 full-time and 2 part-time OCM’s for NBC6 – my former co-worker is now at Local 10 in a similar role – it’s good work (though the hours are crazy) but very year-to-year when it comes to their contract renewal…

    • …or is it 3 full-time OCM’s, 1 part-time OCM (JR), and one on-air reporter who also subs as an OCM when Shiri is off (like this morning)…

      Guess they are “all full up” at WTVJ (lol)…

    • real and definitely shaved…probably a landing strip……………would love to taxi down that run way…………………


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