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Miami, West Palm Beach Retain Nielsen TV Market Ranks


Good news everyone! Nielsen’s annual update to their DMA (designated market area) ranks for 2012 is out and it’s looking good for us, very good actually. Miami retained its rank of 16th largest in the country, gaining 32,800 households in just a year for an estimated total of 1,583,800 HH, up fromĀ 1,580,580 HH last year.

West Palm Beach DMA remains in 38th place with 788,020 households, gaining 14,130 households from 773,890 HH last year.

What is very surprising though is that of the top 20 TV markets only Houston and Miami are seeing household growth, the rest are seeing declines. Atlanta for example lost almost 115,000 households, while New York nearly 130,000!


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