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Randi Goldklank Arrested Again and Fired From WPEC


Update: here’s the police report by the arresting officer (PDF)

Randi Goldklank, the former WHDH vice president and general manager who quit after getting arrested at Boston’s Logan Airport, has been arrested again on Sunday evening for allegedly acting inappropriately at a local restaurant, reports Page2Live.com.

According to the police report an employee from Delray Beach hot spot ‘The Office’ called police on Sunday night saying there was a woman at the restaurant who was intoxicated and “doing inapropriate” acts. And this is where it gets good, it’s better than even the Logan airport story! Said woman according to the employee was “touching herself, taking her top off, and dancing on a pole like a stripper”. They had asked her to leave several times but she ignored them and refused leaving.

The officer reports that when he arrived at the restaurant he found Goldklank apparently intoxicated and touching the DJ equipment. When asked what she was doing and that she should leave because management no longer wanted her on the premises she allegedly ignored the officer and kept looking at the screen.  The officer says he had to grab Randi Goldklank by the arm and escort her outside where she repeatedly told him that if he didn’t release her he would be on the news because she works at Channel 12.

Goldklank was arrested and booked on two charges – disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence, both misdemeanor charges. She was released on her own recognizance.

Goldklank joined Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC in March of 2009 as an advertising executive. The station fired her yesterday.

Randi Goldklank is famous for her outburst during an April 2008 arrest at Boston’s Logan Airport. At the time she was the vice president and general manager of WHDH, the Sunbeam-owned sister station to WSVN, and told officers she was “a big shot in Boston, I will have your fucking jobs”. She had to resign from WHDH and seek treatment.

Prior to WHDH, Goldklank worked at WSVN


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