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Reid Lamberty Possibly Succeeding Charles Billi


Hearing rumors that WSVN boss people have made a decision to promote Reid Lamberty as the successor to the recently departed Charles Billi. The bosses initially gave Lamberty and Reed Cowan each a week next to Lynn Martinez with Cowan going first, but Lamberty is now in his third week to anchor alongside Lynn.

Allegedly, all that’s left now is ironing out the bureaucratic stuff like his contract and Lynn Martinez will have a brand new TV husband!

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  1. Lamberty don’t belong in the anchor chair in Miami period! He’s getting it b/c he was in NY. So what?! Dude is as bland as high school lunch. Svn is gonna get the shit kicked out of em in ratings watch..

  2. They already did. The two weeks Cowan was in beat Lambertys weeks in ratings half hour to half hour. This is a mean spirited and personal slap in the face to Reed Cowan. The excuse they gave him is ridiculous too. I’m timing on my watch to see how long Cowan will stay after this stupid decision.

  3. A chimp could have replaced Billi. Anyone would be better. Reid will do great. People only tuned in for Martinez in the past, now with Reid there is an additional reason to watch.

  4. I deal in voices. And if you want to talk pitch, listen to Lamberty. Listen to Tom Haynes. Listen to Dave kartunen. Listen to Craig Stevens. Cowens voice is deeper than all if them. Feminine? 7’s Craig Stevens makes fashion commentary on Belkys and Lynn for Gods sake. You sure you aren’t wsvn management positioning the station against a decision that is indefensible?


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