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Video: WSVN With New Voice Over Guy


One of readers, TMBtD, has uploaded a montage from last night’s ‘7News at 10pm’ featuring Paul Turner as the new voice over for all of WSVN’s newscasts. Have a look and a listen below. Personally I’m not sure the formula of going with the opposite of what they had before is working in this case, but I it’s a done deal (at least for a while) nonetheless.

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  1. This guy SUCKS!..PERIOD! Scott’s raunchy voice is half of what made 7 what it is. I haven’t seen deco drive yet and God i don’t want to!

    • Sadly I agree… I really worry what this new dude will do to the 7 Brand… He’s so one dimensional… And I think the producers are going to have to water down their writing style to fit this guy’s one-note voice.. Scott Chapin he is not

    • That’s the problem.. This dude’s *not* over the top… Like the headlines in that clip above… Chapin would have nailed it.. but this guy seems in over his head.. And no sense of humor either… Where’s the tongue-in-cheek voice when reading puns, etc like chapin was a master at


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