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Will This be WTVJ’s New Look Soon?


It appears as though NBC-owned stations like WTVJ may soon be getting a new corporate graphics package.

KNSD, the NBC affiliate in San Diego, debuted a refreshed news set this month and along with it a new on-air graphics package. Curiously they did away with the yellow graphics we now see on WTVJ (‘Look C’ as it is known) and used by all NBC-0wned affiliate stations. The new package is extremely clean and simple and features long, dark blue rectangular boxes with large white text inside them. That’s it, there are no rotating, moving lines, things jumping out or anything!

The lower thirds in particular are reminiscent of what MSNBC and CNBC now use except a lot more de-cluttered. Interestingly CNN who were first to introduce the big, boxy rectangular lower thirds recently refreshed their graphics and reverted to the more traditional lower thirds.

Check out the three videos after the jump for a preview

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  1. If I were a member of the staff at NBC6, what would I be thinking? First of all, I would wonder why NBC is spending so much money on cartoon-like graphics and not spending any money to improve content and hire experience. I would feel very bad that we just can’t compete in the local news business. When news breaks, we are last and sometimes we can’t even get on TV to report it. The assignment desk still can’t get their act together when big news happens. Newscasts are still disorganized, spending so much time promoting NBC and so little time covering anything that matters to the public. When two Miami-Dade police officers were shot a few weeks ago, it happened during NBC6’s 11am show. NBC should have been the first one to break in. They were the last. Every other station covered the events with live pictures, reporters on the ground and information. What was NBC6 doing? They were interviewing a psychic. The morning show has excluded men from watching, It is only for girls and only for stupid girls who want to watch drivel. is that how you spell drivel? You know what I mean. On Super Bowl Sunday, NBC had a show on called NBC Miami Nonstop. Please stop is what I said. It was hosted by Roxanne Vargas and one of the worst shows I have seen. The problem is, when you try and do something new a creative, you need viewers first who want to watch. NBC6 is getting hash marks as ratings, so it is not time to try and do an entertainment show. It is time to get your viewers back and then move onto lighter stuff once they are tuned in. NBC6 has this show called The Daily Connection. It is just filler. It is produced in New York and an awful form of competition to shows like Extra and Access Hollywood. You can go to any NBC station and see th eexact same show. The anchors don’t get paid any extra to do it and neither do the producers who have to put it together with the junk sent to them from NY. Why would anyone watch a local station covering entertainment news when they could watch a national show like ET? The experienced staff at NBC is long gone. I am curious. Does anyone actually think this guy Kevin Corke is good? It doesn’t matter if he worked for MSNBC at one time. It matters that he seems nervous and unable to comprehend what he is talking about. Is he another black news anchor hired because he is black? I am sure there are qualified black anchors out there. Jackie Nespral is a nitwit and the whole morning team, minus Pam Gigante is unbearable. Why is Ryan Phillips not on the morning show anymore? Why can;’t Nathalie Pozo have a normal first name like Natalie and not whine all the time when she speaks? What has happened to NBC? If I were on staff at NBC6, I would wonder why I am making so little money and doing so much work for nothing. Where is the pay off? When do I have to look for another job when Comcast comes in and rips us a part? New graphics? How about new management and some new brains running NBC6 who are not retarded and only in positions of management to fill quotas.

    • OMG I hope NBC 6 won’t change their offical logo to NBC Miami. I loved the old NBC 6 logo better. The video above show some cheap production and creativity. Even the set and music sound cheap. I miss the old NBC 6 when Tony Segreto and Jennifer Valoppi were the faces of NBC 6. I like Pam but Pam has changed. I think they should rehire Kelly Craig, Joel Connable and Julia Yarbough and definately the ratings will go up. Like Michael James said, WTVJ use to be on top and known as the first to breaking news besides WSVN. Whoever is over management is a dumbass. Jackie Nespral is a nice person but if I was in charge I would have her do something else at the station or fire her. Any fool should know that Jackie Nespral is not bringing in ratings and who cares if she is well known and went to UM. There are many hometown faces that are more qualified. Kevin Corke, is cool but boring. I prefer Calvin Hughes over him. There morning show sucks. I watch Local 10 and the view. If they bring back Kelly Craig doing news then I will watch channel 6.

    • Isn’t WTVJ supposed to launch a 24/7 news channel? How can they do that when they can’t even produce a half hour local newscast or cover a single story anymore? Ch 10 and 7 have to be laughing watching one of their former competitors slowly kill itself off.

  2. I agree 100% with the 2 comments I’ve seen thus far. As I have said over and over and over again, I’m FED UP with the complexion of NBC and its O&Os being destroyed.

  3. Let’s be honest, there is no news in the local news programs. Yeah, 7 & 10 have pretty graphics and pretty news teams. But most of the local news is forgettable; promoting “The Batchelor” or stories on the latest botox treatments or video of a dog being rescued from a frozen lake in Wisconsin. Look at a typical rundown of any local “news” broadcast and the news value is very suspect. About the only segment worth watching is the weather and I can get that on the internet.


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