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WSVN Reporter Andre Hepkins Leaves for St Louis


Andre Hepkins, WSVN reporter has left the station, again. This time he is heading north to St. Louis  Missouri to work as an anchor/reporter at the area’s CBS affiliate KMOV. This is the second time he’s left WSVN, in 2004 Andre left to join nationally syndicated show ‘Celebrity Justice’ as their New York City correspondent. When that show was canceled he moved to WNYW. Andre Hepkins came back to WSVN in February of 2009 with WSVN VP of News Alice Jacobs announcing his return as ‘the prodigal son’, referencing the parable of a younger son who comes back to his family and repents after wasting his fortune

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    • that was a really nasty thing to say , if he was that bad ,why don’t you go and do his job. Stop that. Nobody needs to hear negative stuff like that.


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