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WTVJ Bribes You to Like Them on Facebook Too


WTVJ have taken a page from WPLG’s (face)book and are now having a contest for a Samsung Galaxy Tab when people ‘like’ the station’s Facebook page. Previously they gave away an iPad2.

NBC6 has been lacking in Facebook fans for a long time, staying way behind other local stations, especially WPLG and WSVN, with numbers in the low x,xxx. As of 11:50pm 12,936 people have liked NBCMiami on Facebook hoping to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and two Festival Miami tickets. WPLG are at 39,344, WSVN at 25, 110 and WFOR at 7, 174


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  1. In West Palm Beach, WPEC and WPBF have been running contests as well. The likes of those two pages combined (6,592 and 11,271, respectively) are far below that of market leader WPTV (28,568).

    For the record, WPTV’s semi-sister station, WFLX (which, as you know, is now operated by WPTV’s parent company) has 3,470 likes. WTVX has only 138 likes.

  2. IMO, WPTV deserves to have more likes than WPBF for two reasons: First, the people of WPTV are nicer and more considerate by far than WPBF, and maybe it’s me, but apparently , WPBF is starting have issues with Wheel of FOrtune and Jeopardy! I wish I could get WPTV to air WoF and J! Call me crazy. I would’ve love one of the bags from the ABC show Pan Am, but it would mean I would have to ‘like’ WPBF, which I don’t.

  3. Well, guess what? WPBF is persuading ‘Like’-rs for a chance to be entered for Free Gas, however, even in a rough economy, WPBF can forget about it.

  4. I watch WPLG, which I think is the best for local news. I’m not on Facebook so I don’t know about any of the contests. But what I find really amusing is the “Tell us what you think.” questions ALL of the stations ask. Silly questions like, where did you find the cheapest gas? All of these stations don’t care about what you think. It’s just their way of taking and unofficial poll to see how many people are watching. And you people are happy to oblige. Wise up!


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