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Guess Where West Palm and Miami Ranked for London Olympics Viewing


Nielsen released ratings data for the last day of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Where did Miami and West Palm Beach rank among 56 metered markets? Hint: Unlike the 2010 winter olympics we are not in last place this time. Hit the jump and keep scrolling

1. Salt Lake City 25.0/45
2. Kansas City 22.5/37
3. Milwaukee 22.3/37
4. Denver 22.1/42
5. Columbus, OH 21.9/36
6. Norfolk 21.2/33
7. Indianapolis 20.9/36
T8. San Diego 20.8/37
T8. West Palm Beach 20.8/34
10. Richmond 20.6/33
11. Albuquerque-Santa Fe 20.3/34
12. Portland, OR 20.0/41
13. Minneapolis-St. Paul 19.9/38
14. Oklahoma City 19.8/32
T15. Atlanta 19.7/32
T15. Austin 19.7/35
T17. San Francisco 19.6/39
T17. Washington, D.C. 19.6/36
T17. Sacramento 19.6/37
T20. Nashville 19.4/30
T20. Ft. Myers 19.4/35
22. St. Louis 19.0/32
23. Los Angeles 18.8/35
24. New Orleans 18.5/27
25. Greensboro-High Point 18.4/29
T26. New York 18.2/31
T26. Chicago 18.2/32
T26. Phoenix 18.2/31
T26. Knoxville 18.2/29
T26. Tulsa 18.2/29
T31. Cleveland 18.1/30
T31. Jacksonville 18.1/29
T33. Seattle-Tacoma 17.9/36
T33. Louisville 17.9/30
35. Orlando-Daytona Beach 17.8/31
36. Cincinnati 17.7/30
37. Philadelphia 17.6/29
38. Dallas-Ft. Worth 17.4/31
T39. Detroit 17.3/29
T39. San Antonio 17.3/27
41. Memphis 17.2/26
42. Baltimore 17.1/28
43. Pittsburgh 16.9/29
44. Boston 16.8/31
T45. Houston 16.7/29
T45. Hartford-New Haven 16.7/28
T47. Birmingham 16.6/25
T47. Buffalo 16.6/29
49. Las Vegas 16.5/28
50. Greenville-Spartanburg 16.2/26
51. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 16.1/27
T52. Tampa-St. Petersburg 15.8/29
T52. Providence-New Bedford, RI 15.8/27
T52. Dayton 15.8/26
55. Raleigh-Durham 14.9/24
56. Charlotte 13.9/24

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  1. I watched the Closing Ceremony. London did a great job with the ceremony, but NBC didn’t do a great job with the TV broadcast.

    NBC has received plenty of criticism about these games… from the opening ceremony, to the events during the games, and the closing ceremony. Viewers were promised more live TV coverage, but got taped-delayed coverage in primetime… and the spoilers before events aired on TV.

    NBC cut away from the London 2012 Closing Ceremony to air new comedy Animal Practice, local news, and returned to the ceremony an hour later. NBC did the exact same thing with the Vancouver 2010 Closing Ceremony, when they cut away to air The Marriage Ref, local news, and returned to the 2010 ceremony an hour later. Viewers have already expressed displeasure and dissatisfaction with NBC. Some even suggesting that NBC be banned from future Olympic broadcasts… maybe even the IOC refunding NBC its $4.38B (2014-2020 games), and offering a new U.S. broadcast deal to a competing network (ABC, CBS, or Fox).

  2. NBC is just trying to regain their reins that they lost when “Friends” went off the air. The IOC themselves don’t actually care about the Olympics. If they did, there would have been a tribute to the Munich Massacre victims, but since it’s Israel against the Arab Nations, guess who loses.

  3. If NBC is trying to regain their reins as a top-rated TV network… they’re obviously going about it the wrong way. If NBC wishes to find its way back to greatness… NBC higher-ups need to exercise patience, as well as be willing to take risks, and be listening to the audience (and not be relying on consultants and focus groups). This is a process that’s likely to take years.

    The IOC’s refusal to allow a 40th anniversary tribute to the Munich Massacure can be discribed as a “disappointment”. We live in that day and age of political correctness. Dr. Jacques Rogge, current IOC president will be retiring next year, after announcing the 2020 host city.

    With Michael Phelps being the Most-Decorated Olympian and Greatest Olympian of All-Time… he’s already earned the title of “Legacy Olympian”. There are quite a few Legacy Olympians from Summer and Winter Olympics… and I’m sure that Apolo Ohno and Lindsey Vonn are working their way toward earning the title of “Legacy Olympian”.

    It’s possible that the Olympians are pretty much what’s keeping the Olympics relevant. I see quite a few coming back in 2016, including Missy Franklin, Ryan Lochte, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Lolo Jones, Allyson Felix, Trey Hardee, Todd Rogers, and Phil Daulhausser. I see Dara Torres coming back for what could possibly be her 6th and final Olympics. From other nations, I see Australia’s Ian Thorpe and Leisl Jones coming back, along with Japan’s Kosuke Kitajima, and Jamaica’s Usian Bolt. If Phelps should have a change of heart, I could see him coming back in 2016 as well.

  4. WTVJ Completely beat the competition COMBINED every single night of the games. A 16.1 rating is HUGE in this segmented market. NBC used the opportunity to push their Fall Shows through this promotional platform and capitalize on it. Wouldn’t you??

    You guys can never give them a break!!!


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