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Jawan Strader Lands at WTVJ


Former WFOR morning anchor Jawan Strader made a fast transition and is now at WTVJ NBC 6.

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  1. I heard he is the new weekend evening anchor and weekday reporter. He should replace Keith Jones. Since he joined Keith and Pam have awkward moments not really clicking together like with Bob Mayer. Enjoyed the 10am coverage good chemistry between Jawan and Pam. Hopefully NBC 6 will make that change. Keith should anchor the 5:30pm show with Trina they click more together than with Pam.

    • Totally agree with ‘Frustrated viewer’. Keith Jones has been amatuerish at best (Out of sorts, clumsy, unsettled and completely misalligned). He does not seem to be able to read the teleprompter, stumbling and fumbling over pre-determined & written dialogues. Although, the majority of the miscues can also be attributed to the directors and producers (terrible thus far). I’ve given him two weeks and although he does appears to have off-air chemistry with Gicanti, Ryan and the off-camera staff(comes across as a swell guy) he is for the most part unwatchable. Thus has failed to win my viewership.
      Strader on the other hand is a proven commodity, a South Florida’Fan Favorite’, has a strong morning following, is an experienced morning anchor, has an already “established” friendship with Gicanti,(i could go on for another 7 paragraphs). This is a NO-BRAINER, A gift from the “television gods” dropped on WTVJ’s lap, This could be quite possibly the “Dream Team” of morning anchorage. If the producers/directors are worth their salaries, Strader ought to be given a trial run.Period.

    • I agree with the viewer. I used to watch Jawan Strader at his previous job in the morning. When I saw him with Pam in the morning I was excited to see him making this change. He and Pam seemed to have good chemistry. On the other hand Pam and Keith seem to have a staged response to each other. Bring Jawan to the morning slot!

  2. Talk about de ja vu.
    Now Kelly Craig on WTVJ at 1:15pm!
    Does that mean Bob and Tony are parking their cars out in the lot next?

  3. Kelly should be the lead anchor again. Did anyone notice how over nice Jackie Nespral was during the storm coverage?

    • I was wondering about that too. When I saw the words “Jawan Strader”, I was expecting to see a story that he had landed a job in another market far from So. Florida. Then I saw “WTVJ” and I was like “what the!” Glad he’s still around 🙂

  4. I could see picture Pam and Jawan as a new NBC 6 morning team… or Kelly and Jawan as a new NBC 6 evening team. Reassigning the likes of Jackie, Keith, Trina, and Adam would be a different story.

    Some would like to see Joel Connable and Julia Yarbough back on WTVJ, which I seriously doubt that would happen. I doubt that Bob Mayer and Tony Segreto would ever come back to WTVJ.

    I agree that Adam is better at sports anchoring… and really isn’t evening anchor material. Trina seems better at weather forecasting. Not sure about Keith Jones. NBC seems insistant in keeping Jackie as the WTVJ “eye candy”. Pam, Sharon, and Kelly are very good news talents.

  5. Keeping track of Jawan Strader on the internet happy anniversity it will soon be one year
    of marital bliss . Love your Dad


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