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Jawan Strader, WFOR CBS4 Morning Anchor, Leaves


Jawan Strader Photo: CBSMiami.com
WFOR morning anchor Jawan Strader is no longer with the station. Don’t have the deets right now but his bio on CBSMiami.com has already been removed.

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  1. He was a great anchor and very cool in person. I have notice less black reporters and anchors in this market. Ch.4 has 2, Ch.6 has 5 Ch.7 has 2, Ch 10. has 6.

    • You really sit in front of a TV and count the number of black people on the news?

      Who would do that and why? It sounds a bit obsessive.

      • We watch the morning news because he was a very good anchorman. he was your daper dan. he is a roll model to all Blackmen. So hell yea we count how many blacks are doing the news.

  2. That is too bad. He is an excellent news anchor and very sweet. I won’t be watching CBS in the mornings any longer. It is a shame news stations don’t like to hang on to the good anchors.

  3. If you ever heard him speak without reading off the telepromptor you would understand why he is gone. Street, very street. They need a sharp guy to help
    fill the void because that all woman format is just too much. Will come back to watching when they get the new anchor.

  4. Mr. SportsFreak – I so understand your point about the all women format – not good.
    I have heard Jawan speak numerous times at various events without a teleprompter – I personally think he is an excellent speaker. But of course, everyone has their own opinion.

    • Like you really know CBSNY and even if you did – people do change for the better. Perhaps a little jealous?

  5. I live in the bahamas and we watch cbs4news every morning just because of Jawan, he was the only reason why we continue watching after cbs let Maggie,Dave and Harry go, now we have no reason to watch cbs4. I will be switching to Good morning America.Jawan Strader was an excellent news anchor who get your morning started of on a good note he will be miss.

  6. Since no answer to “where did he go” I guess that means he’s looking for a new job.
    Nice guy.
    Hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

  7. It’s really a shame. I found Strader informative, articulate, and he did the news with a human compassion. I once e-mailed him and was surprised with a immediate response. He is a gentleman and I shall miss him. It’s just the nature of the dog -eat -dog business.
    Look what happened to Ann Currey @ NBC.

  8. I was surprise when i looked it up on the internet. I was watching every morning but no Jawan i got a little worried so i thought he either on vacation or out getting married not knowing they let a very good guy go just to have a all ladies news crew. I am really tired of watching all these spanish woman on as news anchor no black woman or men i know they are out there to work do you all think this cuba everytime that weather lady speak she always have something to say to let you know she cuban so what this miami so racist toward anybody that not cuban everything is cuban. we have all kinds of people here not just cubans so give some other ethnic group a chance you have haitians, jamaicans,all of caribbeans, and blacks would love to do it. BUT YOU ALL ONLY LOOKING AT CUBANS ONLY AND THAT’S NOT FAIR. They get hired more then anybody and the worse one because they do all corruptions.

  9. It’s a real shame that Jawan Starder could not be replaced with another Africian American. He really did a great job disseminating daily information.
    I would hate to think that WFOR/CBS is saying there are no Africian Americans out there that could do what he did on a consistent basis. However,I will no longer be watching WFOR and nor will my friends, family, church members and co-workers.

  10. The population here may be diverse but the prevailing mindset is not..learned that years ago when I moved here from NYC.

  11. I was concern what happened to Javanese strader…channel 4 lost an excellent news reporter. He will be missed. I hope he will be replaced with another person of color and yes—there’s plenty of Hispanic represented on 4’s news.

  12. Monica D….

    Wow I feel so sorry for you ! I can feel the hatred in your words.
    FYI just because they speak spanish doesn’t mean they’re “CUBAN”.
    Yeah, I bet you watch Hannity, and Ann Coulter is your heroe. , I could go on….. But I’m not your not worth it. (Te tengo lastima)
    Jawan Strader is a great anchor man, I watched CBS/WFOR just to watch him. I wish you much luck & success in your journey.
    Ann Curry , Jawan Strader you will be missed.

    • I am not a racist i am a proud BLACK WOMAN just tired of seeing only Cubans get the jobs when you have a melting pot here. i do know everybody not Cuban but, if they don’t act like it they won’t have no job. its not hatred its a little upsetting. don’t compare me to a Ann whoever she is or a Hannity i am not or never will be on they level. Mr. Strader was and still is a great Anchormen and i searched and found him he is on Channel 6 in the morning with Pam G. whom i always liked before they make a great team. you have a blessed day.

  13. Jawan Strader no longer on CBS4? I am a person of many words but at this time I’m just speechless. Marvin Gaye once asked What’s Going On? so I will ask where has he gone(Jawan S Itrader)?

  14. He may have decided to leave 4 when Marybel Rodriguez, sitting right next to him, stopped in the middle of saying, “Fuc_” live on-air (10/11).

  15. I’m so disappointed to learn that Jawan is no longer with the station. I really look forward to see every week day morning. I felt connected with his poise, deliverance, and professionalism displayed on reporting the news. He rarely made mistakes and I trusted that what he reported was reliable.

    More importantly, I watched Channel 4 because he represented such a positive role model to the community. I will no longer watch Channel 4 in response to the sudden departure of Jawan Strader.

  16. OMG !!!
    I only watch NBC6 bc of John Morales & now Jawan.
    Obama 4 More Years !!

  17. well today aug 26 sun i see that they have a new man at the news anchor desk so he must be jawan,s replacement i will not be watching cbs news anymore and it was my fav but i want to see diversity not 4 women at the news desk i want to see black white latino asian i want to see diversity because that is what this country is supposed to be about and i think that they owe it to the viewers to let us know what happened with jawan hell they put other people,s business out there so we deserve a right to know what happened until then see yah cbs call me when you get it right

  18. omg i am watching jawan strader on nbc giving the storm updates here in fl thank goodness so he is on nbc the story says he will anchor the evening news so folks he is still here in fl

  19. Well it reminds me of Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith back in 2010. Good old CBS. They keep changing the good people. Who is watching the people who make the changes. Maybe they should be the ones to go?

  20. Every morning I stayed loyal to CBS4, waiting to see Jawan. I thought he was on his honeymoon. To see on Aug 26 a new young man ( with out any real presents or charisma) had replaced Mr. Strader. I do not believe this new morning line up is representative of the population of Miami or Broward counties. CBS4 has lost another loyal viewer.

  21. Congratulations NBC6 for your continued commitment to diversity! Congratulations Jawan! Appreciate your style and contribution to CBS4 viewers and look forward to seeing you on my new local station, NBC6.

  22. Jawan is on NBC 6. He will be reporting / anchoring Mon – Wed and anchoring the evening weekend news! CBS let a great news anchor get away. Shame on them especially when they have two non charasmic, boring anchors now. SMH

    • LOL, I kinda like Rhiannon Ally, maybe because I think of the great Stevie Nicks-penned Fleetwood Mac song of the same name 🙂 Doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous, either. Jury’s still out on Josh benson, IMO

      But Jawan will be great on 6, too bad Kristina Pink left, woulda been cool with Jawan, kristina and Shiri Spear on the same newscast. Almost makes up for Amara leaving.

  23. Very sad that the news media continues to deny a lack of diversity,Jawan was an excellent anchor and will be missed, I will watch another station.

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