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Miami TV A25-54 Ratings for 9/6, With a Surprise


someone dropped us a shot of Miami TV station ratings for yesterday 9/6/12. And even though they are only a snapshot of one day out of a whole month I think you’ll find them surprising. Hit the jump for more.

I don’t know what is more surprising, WTVJ appearing to gain ground and placing right behind WSVN in viewers A25-54 or WFOR and WPLG getting beat by Family Guy on WSFL at 5pm?!

Miami TV Ratings for September 6, 2012
9/6/2012 Miami TV ratings

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  1. Oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd !!!! ratings do exist for Miami/ Fort Lauderdale. Yes to WSVN amd WTVJ and please can we get the full monthly numbers more often? I’am begging you please !!!!!! thanks for posting

  2. We live in a very unique market. Where the Telemundo station leads with nearly 3 points at 11. Glad WTVJ has bounced back and becoming a real contender again. WPLG and WFOR are failing because they have lost touch with the community. Coverage of the storm on 4 was piss poor. The talent is barely diverse on both stations. Honestly, when I watch them it feels like I’m watching some mid-market newscast with anchors and reporters that do not really know the metro area or have no freaking clue at all where they are standing in the field, and have a dry parrot delivery. They have Gio Benitez filling in this weekend on 4. God awful forced delivery. He sounds like he’s trying too hard to sound American. He’s got the looks, however. As for WPLG.. they’re loosing ground so quickly.. Better turn the fan page into a meme site!

    • This market is not as unique as you think.

      Take a look at New York, LA or Houston to see who is truly number one with the total audience available.

      It’s not the traditional big three/four English language networks.

  3. I already knew that WSVN 7 would be #1 overall, but it’s surprising that WFOR and WPLG are getting beaten ! I already knew that WFOR would somewhere be in last, but I never thought WPLG would be in #3 in news. It’s a BIGGER surprise when the spanish stations are beating Channel’s 4 and 10 in news.

  4. and I’m super happy that WTVJ is making a comeback. May be beaten by Channel 7, but it’s a great amazing comeback for them. 🙂 what was NBC 6 as an entertainment place, is now become a news station once again.

  5. I see this is for adults 25-54. Is this the demo everyone’s going for? Or does every station have a different target? I wonder how things change when the demo is switched up.

    • there’s 18-24, 18-35, 25-49 etc but the 25-54 demo is what advertisers are after – the so called money demo used to negotiate advertising rates. There’s also something called C3, the rating for how many people watched the commercials in a given hour, but I think that’s used for network/primetime TV only. There is P2+ (persons 2+) that’s the total rating of everyone who watched the program. P2+ would bump the station’s rating up, but it probably won’t do much for their bottom line even though there are advertisers targeting 55+ it’s not many of them

  6. anyone who knows anything about TV ratings knows that one day in the LPM world is meaningless. You need to look at a one month average minimum. LPM ratings are like watching an EKG machine – up and down daily. Also remember these ratings for all of the stations are so useless. (that’s why you don’t hear anything about ratings anymore.) 10-20 people in all of Miami-Fort Lauderdale determine the ratings for ALL local newscasts. If Marge went to bed early, a station lost half of its audience. Do some research. Get educated people.

    • … which is why I reiterated the numbers are just for a day, at best they may show a trend.

      Also, ~700 households determine the Nielsen ratings for Broward/Dade. Rentrak (WPLG signed with them as well in addition to Nielsen) uses set top box data. Nielsen is going to be including set tops fairly soon probably which would really show who’s watching what and when.

      Advertisers still use the ratings, until they decide otherwise ratings do in fact matter

  7. These numbers make no sense when you look at the quality of personell and how coordinated the newscasts are. Let’s see how these ratings stand up over a period of several sweeps time periods. Still scratching my head. How channel 6 beat
    10 and 4 is shocking. Something doesn’t calculate.

  8. When I was at the Heat Parade, everyone was looking for the 7 News Cameramen to come near them. Its like if you’re seen on 7, then you made it and everyone in SoFla’s gonna see you. No wonder they’re #1.


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