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Rhiannon Ally Comes to WFOR as Morning Anchor


Rhiannon Ally is joining WFOR as weekday morning co-anchor. She comes from CBS-owned WCBS in New York City. Turns out she’s not exactly replacing Marybel Rodriguez, who has co-anchored the morning shows since Cynthia Demos was promoted to the main newscast. Rodriguez was an interim anchor while the station looked at candidates.

Rhiannon Ally is also the wife of WSVN anchor Mike Marza who came to South Florida not long ago from ABC News. Her first day is February 13

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  1. That’s pretty sad of WFOR for them to “use” Marybel Rodriguez for so long until they found the right candidate. Not good for WFOR to use their talent the way they always do.

    Kind of like how they “use” Jorge Estevez to fill in for Jawan when he’s off, but yet Jorge was not good enough for them to keep him permanently on morning anchor duty, like he used to have.

    If they wanted the righr talent, they should have kept Jade Alexander who is/was a staple to the Miami audience.

  2. What TV Man said 🙂

    Interesting name – wonder if she was born maybe around 1976 or 1977, shortly after a Stevie Nicks-penned Fleetwood Mac song of the same name was popular – hmmmm 😉

    (Although Ms. Ally doesn’t appear to be that old)

  3. Marybel was fine — a local girl made good, going from Sabado Gigante spokesmodel to newscaster, a la Jackie Nespral. She’s not as polished as Jackie, but hey, it’s 5 am. This Rhiannon woman strikes me as just a journeywoman, and obviously knows very little about Miami. I much prefer Marybel.

  4. I have been watching Ms. Ally since she’s been on air in Miami… I wanted to see what the hype was and have now made CBS my morning news… She has it all: beauty, brains and a sense of humor. There is a spark to her you don’t find in most others. A great addition to the morning team. And I love her name!

  5. Where was Rhiannon Alli today (Jan 2, 2012) on the 5 pm news?? What do you think we watch WFOR-Miami’s news for anyway?? Your news is no better than any other Miami station’s news — except for Rhiannon, of course! Hope you guys are prepared to spend some big bucks to keep this lady!! She effortlessly makes her competition look like they’re still back in college taking Broadcasting 101 (and not making A’s, either).


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