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Sinclair Completes WPEC Buy Starts Tearing Down Studio


Sinclair’s deal to buy WPEC and the rest of the Freedom-owned TV stations has closed. The $385 million deal with Freedom Communications was just approved by the FCC giving Sinclair a local duopoly in the process, the media company also owns Palm Beach CW affiliate WTVX.

And no sooner after the deal goes trough the WPEC newsroom is being dismantled to make way for a new set. This photo posted yesterday on WPEC’s Facebook page

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  1. It’s probably the old secondary set they used for WFLX when they produced that station’s newscasts. The current WPEC set can be seen in the foreground (kind of obscured by the pole).

    • Not necessarily. Not all Sinclair stations use Daily News. Some of their CBS stations still use Enforcer. But we’ll see.

      Also, was “say Hello” an intended pun? Because WPEC used that at one point too…

  2. WPEC will likely get “Daily News” theme music, which is exclusive to Sinclair-owned stations. I assume that Delvin Design Group will design a new news set for WPEC as well… given that Delvin was recently contracted to design new HD news sets for Sinclair stations.


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