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Video: WTVJ Set Destruction


Sounds like nobody was sad to see it go. Thanks to our pal TMBtD for the upload

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  1. Again… WTVJ set makeover was/is a long time coming… and looking forward to seeing the new set. Thanks to TMBtD for the YouTube video upload.

  2. Other than WTVJ and WPTV getting new news sets… WMBB Panama City is getting new set… I believe Gannett-owned KUSA Denver is also getting a new set… according to newscaststudio.com.

    • Adam is very thin, much more obvious when he’s not wearing a jacket. He also looks very young, compound this with being thin and he is somewhat of an odd fit for a leading anchor in a top 20 market just by appearance. Despite this I think he has a good look and presence and he’s doing a great job. He’s a young professional who is wise beyond his years.


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