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WTVJ Getting Ready for Set Reveal; New URL and Name


One day before unveiling their new set, WTVJ have made it official they’re now ‘NBC 6 South Florida’. Along with that a new website address, NBC6.com not NBCMiami.com. The station replaced their website, Facebook and Twitter icons to reflect the new logo and URL.

Interestingly, before the switch to NBCMiami.com WTVJ used nbc6.NET as their website address because the .com version belonged to Belo-owned WCNC, the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The new WTVJ news set and on-air graphics should go live at 5pm on Wednesday

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  1. I’m aware that WTVJ appears to be transitioning away from the nbcmiami-dot-com, in favor of the new nbc6-dot-com. I don’t know if other NBC O&O may be doing the same. I did that to the web address, so they wouldn’t hyperlink.

    I could picture… WRC (Washington, DC), WMAQ (Chicago), and WCAU (Philly) going back to their previous addresses… nbc4-dot-com, nbc5-dot-com, and nbc10-dot-com, respectively.

    WVIT (Hartford-New Haven) and KNSD (San Diego) keeping nbcconnecticut-dot-com and nbcsandiego-dot-com, respectively. Maybe KNTV (San Francisco) keeping the nbcbayarea-dot-com address, until further notice.

    As for KXAS (Dallas-Ft. Worth), KNBC (L.A.), and WNBC (New York)… Don’t know if they’ll keep what they have for now, or adopt something new. We’ll likely find out eventually what those other O&O’s plan on doing.

    • I think the main reason that NBC6.com opened up for WTVJ is that WCNC in Charlotte relinquished the branding when they went to Carolina’s Newschannel 36 in 2008-2009 I believe.


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