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WTVJ promotes Adam Kuperstein to Main Anchor; Trina Robinson Now Evening Anchor


WTVJ sports reporter Adam Kuperstein has been promoted to main anchor. He was supposed to anchor the weekday morning newscast with Pam Giganti but instead got put on the evening newscasts after Kevin Corke was shown the door. Kuperstein joined WTVJ in July of 2005 from the FOX station in Toledo, OH as a sports reporter and anchored WTVJ’s Sunday sports show.

Meanwhile, meteorologist Ryan Phillips had been moved to  mornings with Pam and Shiri Spear was bumped to weekends. And Trina Robinson will now anchor the 5:30pm newscast while Pam Giganti will add NBC6 at 11am to her schedule

You can say the new bosses are starting to make their presence known

The NBC/WTVJ Press release after the jump


New Anchor Line-Up Includes New Roles for Kuperstein, Trina Robinson and Pam Giganti

MIRAMAR, FL – May ­­­17, 2012 –NBC 6 announced that Adam Kuperstein will join Jackie Nespral as anchor of NBC 6 News at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m.

Kuperstein joined NBC 6 in July 2005.  Since then, he has covered many stories impacting South Florida including the 2008 Presidential election, the 2006 Miami Heat NBA championship, and a number of hurricanes.  Over the last several months, Kuperstein has transitioned to the news desk after six years as a sports anchor and reporter, as well as co-host of Sports Final.  He also continues to co-host a daily talk show on 560 WQAM Radio. Kuperstein previously worked at FOX Toledo News where he was part of the team named Most Outstanding Sports Operation by the Associated Press there.

“This is an incredible honor for me,” Kuperstein said.  “I am excited to have the opportunity to come into our viewers’ homes in this new role and look forward to informing and serving the South Florida community for many years. I have always felt right at home here, and I’m proud to carry on the station’s rich history.”

In addition to Kuperstein’s promotion, NBC 6 announced changes to other NBC 6 newscasts.  Trina Robinson will start her day a little later as anchor of NBC 6 News at 5:30 p.m., while morning anchor Pam Giganti extends her role to include hosting NBC 6 News at 11 a.m.

“I am delighted to announce these expanded roles for three individuals so dedicated and passionate about what they do. Each brings a strong set of skills and experience to the anchor desk.  These changes to our anchor line-up will continue to position NBC 6 in line to serve our community and our viewers,” said Manuel Martinez, NBC 6 President and General Manager.

Robinson, who joined NBC 6 almost 13 years ago, is widely respected for the diverse roles she has filled as NBC 6 anchor, reporter and meteorologist.  In addition to serving as anchor of NBC 6 early morning newscasts, she has covered numerous hurricanes including Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma.  Her recent report on women illegally receiving silicone injections resulted in a number of arrests of unlicensed medical practitioners.  Her commitment to excellence in journalism parallels her dedication to giving viewers information that can improve their lives.

South Floridians have woken up to Pam Giganti for more than 11 years, and they will now also be able to watch her as anchor of NBC 6 News at 11 a.m.  Emmy award winner Giganti, who will continue to anchor the NBC 6 weekday morning newscasts from 5-7 a.m., is a veteran journalist.  She has covered a wide array of news stories and interviewed presidents and leaders, including a one-on-one interview earlier this month with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

About NBC 6 / WTVJ NBC 6 / WTVJ is the NBC owned station serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties.  NBC 6 was Florida’s first television station and has been covering news in South Florida for more than 60 years.  WTVJ was founded on three basic principles: commitment to the community, excellence in journalism, and pioneering and innovation.  Since it began broadcasting in 1949, WTVJ has had a long list of “firsts” including the first television station to air daily editorials in the country, the first to hire a female sportscaster, and the first in South Florida to broadcast local news in high definition.  Today, NBC 6 produces more than 30 hours of local news and programming per week, delivers dynamic multi-platform content on NBCMiami.com and Miami Nonstop, and continues its commitment to the community by cultivating local partnerships and capturing the diversity of South Florida.

About NBC Owned Television Stations NBC Owned Television Stations is the division of NBCUniversal that includes 10 local television stations and their digital channels and websites, as well as a group of out-of-home properties and a production company.   The 10 stations produce and deliver compelling and unique local news, information and entertainment programming to viewers in the communities they serve, which include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, D.C., Miami, San Diego and Connecticut, with a goal of connecting to their audiences anytime and anywhere.


For more information contact:
Barbara Alfonso, NBC 6 Miami t:954-622-6852 e: barbara.alfonso@nbcuni.com
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  1. It’s about time they make some changes over there. Happy for Kuperstein, he’s been doing a great job. We are one step closer to ridding Jackie. Like Trina!!

  2. Adam does deserve it, and Trina does too.

    Not sure they need to show Jackie the door, but they should really consider giving all of 5 p.m. to Trina. She can easily handle it and it will mean less of Jackie and Adam.

  3. Adam has been doing a nice job but its unfortunate that NBC is so cheap they just put him in the position and barely gave him a raise.

  4. I could picture WTVJ considering rehiring Kelly Craig… her joining Adam and Trina on the evening news. WTVJ kept Jackie Nespral as their “eye candy”… it seems that Nespral needs to go.

  5. Are you serious? 3 more years to watch Jackie Nespral? I’m guessing she wants to reach the 20 year mark at WTVJ. I think she came in back in 94 or 95. I think Trina and Jackie should switch. Agree earlier on Kelly Craig should come back and anchor the news. Adam and Kelly would be better. Still can’t watch Jackie and Adam together. NBC 6 is still sorry they are not good in news reporting and always slow bringing in breaking news and the constant technical difficulties. Local 10 is the #1 station in Miami. Very strong reporting and I get more information on a story than NBC 6. Congrats to Adam and Trina they both deserve the promotion. When will Pam get a Co-anchor? I don’t like the solo anchoring in the morning. OMG that dull set is the worst set on tv so outdated. I liked there former set better at the old location. All of us should start a campaign to bring back Kelly Craig!I don’t like the special projects during commercial breaks she is way better than that!

  6. Here’s the problem: Once again,NBC6 is doing everything on the cheap. Notice in this announcement how they didn’t hire ANYONE new? They’re just rearranging the deck chairs. Their product is so far behind the competition that they’re not in the game anymore. Kelly should be brought in for at least one of the shows. That move would help start to restore viewership. Duh!

  7. The new news director at NBC^ does not like Kelly Craig. She won’t hire her full time because Kelly said bad things on the Paul and Young Ron show about NBC6 and the new management. She said working with management at NBC was like working with retarded Do Do birds. I am friends with Adam at NBC and he said he isn’t being paid much more. They gave him $10,000 more a year which puts him at $85 thousand a year. That is very low since former anchors like Tony Segreto got 700 thousand, I heard Demarco Morgan got over $900 thousand and Jackie gets around $500 thousand. I know they dropped salaries after Joe Conable was pushed out. Kevin Corke was making $125 thousand.

    • 900K for demarco morgan is a crime… so is 700K for jackie… but not surprised at the modest raise for adam. he should see this as an opportunity to get in some great airtime, hone his anchoring skills, and get out when he’s ready if nbc can’t pay him what he’s worth.

      can’t see kelly craig coming back to nbc miami (as much as i would love it)

  8. Kelly, Trina, and Adam would probably make a good dream team on NBC 6 evening newscasts. Hope that Pam does get a new co-anchor on the morning news. Still waiting for WTVJ to get new set, new graphics, and new theme music.

    • I’m tempted to say get a new VO, but I’ll bet they’ll keep Charlie Van Dyke. I do, however, hope for a new theme.

  9. What happened to Brent Solomon?I thought they would promote him being the next black guy after Kevin. He was next to Roxy sometimes in the morning. Anyone know what he made?

  10. who comes up with this?

    Demarco 900? hell no.
    Jackie 500? Sounds reasonable.
    Adam 85? No way. Too low.
    Roxanne 125? probably too high.
    Tony 700? maybe.

    but the Adam, Demarco, Roxanne numbers seem off….and in best case, WAY off in true salary amounts.

    you guys just talk and thrown stuff out there to get people fired up. i really doubt a lot of these salaries. sounds awfully inflated.

    demarco was worth about 900 dollars a month. just enough to pay my mortage.

  11. Jackie is so uninteresting and seems phoney. That’s why I do not watch NBC Miami news.. Neither do my friends, or anyone I know. Ch 10 is the one!

  12. NBC6miami

    Bring back KELLY CRAIG. She’s a good reporter. keep in mind she’s outspoken and that how reporter should be. I’m very happy to see her on TV. We should applaud good LOCAL reporters… like Kelly Craig.

  13. I loved seeing Ryan Phillips and Pam in the mornings…They so compliment each other. I agree that Jackie needs less tv time…no excitment in her voice. Kelly would be so nice to have back.

  14. Kup has potential. Sorry but Trina Robinson is a joke. I give her another month before the pull her off the air due to basement ratings. Her wigs are good for a laugh. What a mistake. They have have not been the same since Kevin Cork left for
    some undisclosed reason but there never was chemistry with Nespral.

  15. Wish Trina was gone completely. She’s a real pain and is difficult to work with. And now that she’s taken to wearing those dead dog Wendy Williams’ wigs, she looks terrible. She actually could be heard on the morning news arguing with the floor director on where she was going to stand rather than do the weather. If she’s getting more than $25,000 a year, she’s getting too much. Lose her.

  16. I’d be willing to make the first donation to the “Buy Trina Robinson a New Wig” fund. The poor woman appears to be wearing some sort of matted mammal on her head. Hasn’t she suffered enough?


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