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Breaking: WPLG General Manager Dave Boylan has Resigned (Updated)

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WPLG general manager Dave Boylan has resigned according to FTVLive. No details on why but according to insiders Boylan was forced by upper management to make the changes we’ve all seen take place at WPLG so it might have to do with that.

Update: I’m told Dave Boylan will be leaving WPLG sometime in September. Some speculate Post-Newsweek management may have pushed him out. It should be noted that with Boylan in charge WPLG has remained second in revenue behind top-earner WSVN regardless of how low (or high) the station’s ratings have been. Compare that to WFOR who are behind even WTVJ in terms of earnings. A new General Manager coming in could mean a lot of changes are in store for WPLG. Usually GMs come in and start to want leave their mark almost immediately, often by way of shuffling talent, or not renewing contracts and instead hiring people they’ve worked with previously in other markets. Like when Shannon High-Bassalik was in charge of WFOR, she poached Beatriz Canals and Brian Andrews from WSVN and made offers to other 7News talent. So in the next year we could see a lot of changes at WPLG

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  1. Many speculations are running through my head now…

    Well….lets see how this hand plays out in the next 6 months.

  2. There’s some KARMA for good ‘ole Dave. Forced out is probably a way……

    That’s what you get for doing what you did to Trent, Michael, Scott, Kristy and all the others because you didn’t have any backbone to stand up to your boss and tell them to leave what is good alone.

    I wonder if the decision on Dave is based on a single survey that said spineless people don’t win in the end?

    • Can’t imagine how toxic the atmosphere must be at that station. Everyone walking around
      knowing a new GM is coming and more heads are going to role even if they are no way
      responsible for ratings heading south. It appears Dave’s recent hires and fires did him in.
      He had a good run yet rested on his laurels.

  3. Hope that we can get Trent back as the main weather person in time for the major part of hurricane season. Betty, not bad, does not deliver the weather news as good as Trent.

  4. you really think daby boylan is gojng to all of a sudden turn it into wsvn, those changes were pushed on him i bet and he finally said enough is enough and they said bye dave…better for him in the long run, that station is horrible now

  5. Hate to see anyone go non-voluntarily, but if Dave was not strong enough to tell his new boss not to make the drastic changes in their news and weather department, then he should leave (before he get’s fired). Hopefully this change is a good one for WPLG and they refocus on quality news/weather/sports anchors, instead of hiring based on looks and ethnicity. We’ll have to stay tuned and see what happens at WPLG-AD (after Dave).

  6. I’m not really sure what WPLG is doing, especially in the mornings. All I see are endless amounts of fluff and anchors who don’t belong in SFL. Oh, and how’s Julie Durda working out?

    • I hate what they have done and now I have to find something else to watch. Seems that they are trying to copy fox. If I wanted to watch fox I would not be watching channel 10!
      What a mess.

  7. Dave Boylan, vice president and general manager of WPLG, has resigned from the Post-Newsweek Miami-Fort Lauderdale ABC affiliate.

    Boylan told TVSpy, “I am leaving to join the Board of Directors of a high growth company in the media business. Plus after running various television stations for the past 27 years, I felt it is time to take on a new challenge”

    Boylan has been VP and GM at WPLG since 2003. Before coming to the station, he had been the GM at KTTV in Los Angeles, WTVT in Tampa, FL, and WGHP in Greensboro, NC. He started his career at WMAQ in Chicago.

  8. Hate reading bad things about a good guy…. Ch 10 has the fastest growing news in the market right now. No doubt he’ll be out playing golf while the rest of us are working behind the desk. I say congratulations Dave!

  9. What the Hell does fastest-growing mean? I feel bad for Jason Martinez, who is very talented but is surrounded by lots of nothing…especially La Durda. What they did to weather is just dumb, though Roland Steadham is an excellent addition. Here’s the dirty secret…the market is more than half-Hispanic, but the English stations all think they can grab that audience, which is tuned to Spanish stations. Better they focus on the Anglo population. They have no prayer of getting big Spanish numbers, unless they start simulating in Spanish.

  10. Agree with Cher. He is one of the most egotistical sub-humans on the planet. But he’ll work his way to the top again. If you meet him, walk backwards as you leave, so he doesn’t have the chance to stab you in the back.

  11. Dave Boylan is genuinely a good person who brought ratings and revenue up at WPLG. All of these negative comments are so awful…probably from people who choose to live in denial. It’s nice to see someone who has helped a station grow by leaps and bounds move on to bigger and better things while leaving a well oiled machine to whoever takes over. All the best to Mr. Boylan. We wish him well.

  12. Well….we know PLG was second in revenue in S FL.
    I have heard ratings have increased for PLG too.
    since no one releases rating info down here, I have no concrete data in terms of who is really 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and/or which shows are winners/losers.
    I have an idea but I don’t have any factual intel. SMH

    Don’t know Dave personally but I can only imagine how difficult his job is….or has become.

    I do believe WPLG is gaining ground though….well oiled or not. lol

    Dont know if they will ever take channel 7…..but if they have moved up the ladder and continue to do so, securing the number 2 spot from where they were a couple of years ago is a success story in my book.

    Just saying…

  13. Another bit of information regarding Boylan’s resignation as WPLG Miami GM… Boylan will also be stepping down as ABC Affiliate Board Chairman. WFAA Dallas-Ft. Worth GM Mike Devlin will become Boylan’s successor as ABC Affiliate Board Chairman… according to Broadcasting & Cable.

  14. This explains why the top two weather persons, time on air, are Betty and Julie. With Roland now on air at times I think their best weather talent are Trent first and then Roland, then Betty and finally Julie. What a waste of good talent time on air.


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