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Julie Durda Lands at WPLG

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Source: WSVNJulie Durda has landed a new gig at WPLG according to Newsblues.

Durda left WSVN abruptly in October 2012 instead of December when her contract was set to expire. At the time I was told something had happened behind the scenes so when she asked management to let her go early they agreed. Also, her new husband who was a national ad sales manager at WSVN since 2010 left the station around the same time as her. He’s now in ad sales at WBFS or CBS’ local ad sales team. The day of her departure from WSVN Durda left a message on her Facebook page with a cryptic sentence at the end saying that we haven’t seen the last of her. Right now Julie durda is sitting out the 6 month non-compete clause from her WSVN contract which puts her on-air debut at WPLG sometime in March.

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  1. This is the best thing to happen to 10 in a long time. I can’t wait to start waking up with Julie again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They’re not going to get rid of Scott to put Julie in the AM show. She is probably going to change the course of her career and maybe do some reporting. Probably an entertainment reporter is what I predict.

  3. Well, Julie might not necessarily be doing weekday AMs at PLG. I agree that Scott likely isn’t going anywhere at the moment (unless his contract is ending?) So that would mean weekends (AM or PM). Don’t think they’d get rid of Betty Davis for Julie. What’s Michael Smith’s status?

    Just thought of something, maybe Julie will be the backup traffic reporter at PLG (she did traffic at Sacramento or Phoenix or one of those western stations she worked at). I’m not that impressed w/ Liane Morejon’s work, despite her physical beauty. Maybe Liane can go back to producing.

    • julie doesnt wear any underwear and hopefully she can remember her words when she speaks….playboy here she comes………she can never be as classy as vivian

      • Vivian may be a very nice person…but she is NO Julie Durda…have you ever notice how BIG Vivian’s feet are??? We refer to her as BIG FOOT…We stopped watching WSVN when Julie left…I guess we will be watching Channel 10 now.

        • well i guess julie has vivian when it comes to feet…if that’s your thing……i prefer vivian’s other assets……nice home town girl makes good…..best ass on tv…………….

          • Clearly you need classes….Julie’s ass wins that race ever day of the week. Jimbo are you sure you’re NOT Vivian’s father or brother?? LMAO

        • frankie…i MIGHT need glasses but you clearly need them!!! Vivian is way hotter and even pronounces her words correctly…something Julie has a problem with….As far as being related to Vivian only in my dreams….lol

          • Last post on this…the facts are the facts. Julie Durda Hot…Vivian…NOt so much….cheers

  4. I would be interested to see how well Julie interacts with the rest of the WPLG team as small talk is not her strength. But as I said before Julie = Ratings. This is a huge boost to WPLG and leaves NBC6 in the dust.

  5. Glad that Julie is moving to 10!!!!!!!! For those speculating about her assignment, just think about it. You know Julie came with a significant price tag..and from the #1 rated morning show. There’s no way PLG is going to put her on the weekend.

  6. We never met but congratulations Julie, all the best to you. I worked that shift years ago with Doug Dunbar, Mark Schumacher, Theresa Marchetta, Jackie Sosa, Liv Davalos, Peggy Lewis, Art carlson, let’s see, am I missing anyone????? Fond memories of my time at ‘PLG, again good luck and all the best to you there!

  7. its the battle of the silcone, constance on one side and julie on the other…shristie krueger in the middle saying uggh i wish i could just retire and get the hell out of this sideshow

  8. I switched to WPLG news to get away from Julie’s scratchy voice. My friends tell me they would mute the sound on their TV when Julie Durda would come on with the weather. Now I’ll have to switch back to WSVN if she is going to be doing the weather on Local10. She always sounds like she just woke up with her raspy voice. Bad move, WPLG!!


    “The rain is working its way towards the east.”



  10. Channel 7 (WSVN) has always inflated their stories and full of over-actors. Julie Durda was always a refreshing, real, delightful personality that always lighted up the screen and never seemed to get caught up in the ‘gossipy’ swill like the others on 7.

    I have always appreciated the real, uninflated, honesty of Channel 10 (WPLG) that seems to have been anchored by Dwight Lauderdale and continues with Laurie (a completely classy lady).

    So now comes Julie Durda. Bottom line, I think this will be a great mix and Julie will blend wonderfully in a short period of time when all become adjusted. With Julie being on 10 in the morning, I am now ALL Channel 10 – all the way. This truely was a great management decision that should come to be recognized as brilliant in the near future. MANY WSVN morning viewers have, are, and will continue to make the switch. Julie was the final catalyst needed for this perfect solution.

    Welcome back Julie. You were very missed! You have now really moved up in the local (weather) news world to a higher level of quality.

    P.S. — Jen H. … I’ve always loved you – still do. Watched you grow and bloom over the years. Make Julie your friend. Monday morning didn’t show the class we have come to expect from you. Play nicely. Still love you – just know people are watching all angles.

    Channel 10 (WPLG) – now at the top of the real local viewers’ choice list.

    • We have to wait months to see if anyone is switching and from where because of Julie Durda. After the hype wears off. But up until today Channel 7 is #1 in the AM as they have been since about 1998, and Channel 6 is probably 1st or 2nd from 5-7am

    • Have to comment on your “over-acting” critique of WSVN. I feel it is also true on WPLG specifically Jacey Birch and Laurie Jennings. Jacey is so over emoted when doing the news..a little too bubbly..too upbeat and trying too hard. She tries to show an interest in sports when leading into that segment when you can see there really is no knowledge or interest and it is forced and fake. To me, she comes across like a fairy godmother in costume reading stories to kids in a library.

      As far as Laurie Jennings, she too has a fakiness about her. Sort of like a deer in headlights. Her stupid ad-libs. Just a pretty face reading the news but not knowing anything about it.

      Not too impressed with Julie this morning and Jen is so stiff looking up through her eyes and concrete hair. Have you noticed that she barely moves her head? She needs to loosen up a little. The complete opposite of Jacey.

      I’m beginning to not have any loyalty to any one station lately with 2 hours of repetitive news stories, I like to switch it up a bit for new stories and other versions of the same. Lately, WFOR hasn’t been so bad. Can’t get into WTVJ with Jackie Nespral and haven’t watched WSVN in awhile.

      That’s all for now!! ;0)

  11. I love Julie Durda and I’m happy to see her back on local weather, but could you tell me what happened to Betty Davis? Was she fired, is she still in town? was she hired by another market?

  12. I frequently switched between channels 7 and 10 for the morning news, mostly because I liked the weather and traffic reports on 10 but did not like the anchors, and I disliked the weather on channel 7 because I could never understand the weather person. When she (Durda) suddenly left the air replaced by Vivian Gonzalez I thought that was a good move. I could not believe WPLG put Scott Padgett (who I consider to be one of the best)on weekends and hired Julie Durda (the girl who obviously knows the answer to the question who do you have to know to get a morning weather job) who still can’t speak and tries to opercompensate for it by talking fast. It is a sad day when your best hope for ratings is that people will tune in to see what the weather girl is wearing. Yikes!

  13. I used to love channel 10 news in the morning. I loved the chemistry with jason,christi,scott and constance. If you interested in turning this station into a boob fest like channel 7 then go right ahead. Appeal to the masses but great news reporting and chemistry makes a great station. Julie durda justs needs to go back to modeling and stay away from real meteorologists like scott padgett and trent eric. Keep doing what your doing and you will lose viewers.


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