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Julie Durda Will Do Weather at WPLG

WPLG Local 10 News

Mystery over. In a post on her Facebook page Julie Durda says she will “report your local weather forecast on WPLG Local 10 in April”. WPLG weekend meteorologist Michael Smith is leaving the station so she’s most likely taking over for him.

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  1. This was reported by Jose Lambiet in his Miami Herald gossip extra column:

    Weather report

    Former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader-turned-weathercaster Julie Durda is set to return to local television in the spring.

    Durda, 33, is slated to start April 15 at WPLG-Channel 10, according to insiders at the ABC station.

    Durda will be doing her early morning reports again, starting on weekends then possibly moving on to weekdays.

    She will also cover some entertainment and lifestyle news, and make occasional appearances on Good Morning America.

    The contract of weekend forecaster Michael Smith was not renewed, and his last day is April 1.

    Durda abruptly walked out on WSVN-Channel 7’s top rated morning gig in October after a contract dispute.

    Channel 10 News Director Bill Pohovey declined comment.

    Durda’s arrival will complement a weather desk that already includes superstar Max Mayfield.

    “There are only two forecasters that South Florida cares about,” said a WPLG insider privy to surveys and ratings. “It’s Julie and Max. And we have them both.”

    • do people really care about Julie for her ability to forecast the weather… or is it for other things? let’s get serious, folks. mentioning her and max mayfield in the same breath would be laughable if they didn’t work at the same station.

      • Well let’s compare to Vivian Gonzalez who prounounces “Monroe” as Monwoe” and
        can’t figure out how to say the word Longer, and instead uses just long” “Cold weather
        won’t be around much Long” WTH!! I’m surprised she didn’t say “Wong” instad of “Long”

        Julie has professional weather reporting skills , she smiles wide, AND she speaks GREAT english ~
        We’re switching to channel 10 news and welcome Julie back to local television ~

        • really……..give me vivian anytime….down to earth and not some made up wanna be diva like julie…..like julie doesnt mispronounce any words either right???? no question who viewers prefer and vivian is way hotter than julie………..

        • You have got to be kidding, speaks good english. I cannot understand anything Julie Durda says. It is almost like a joke. I never could watch her on channel 7 and now that she is on 10 I don’t watch that either. I watch the news in the morning for the weather and the traffic reports but I cannot understand anything the words coming out of Julie Durdas mouth not to mention that she seem nervous and her voice cracks.

  2. Channel 10 has lost their minds! Trading off Michael Smith for Julia Duh-Duh. They should rename justweather.com to weatherporn.com with her coming onboard. Having been a loyal viewer of channel 10 since 1966, I will now have to change the channel. Michael Smith has more professionalism is his little toe than Julia will ever have in a lifetime. I understand that sex sells but this was a lame call. We want to see the weather in the mornings, not throw up!

  3. Its clear that Julie’s on Channel 10 news i am glad she switched stations and dresses more professionally at work with WPLG . ON 7 she dressed like she was just leaving the club


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