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POTD: Former Competition

WPLG Local 10 News

In the TV news business you never know when your competitors might become your colleagues. The people in this photo have all collectively worked at every one of the English stations here before getting assembled at WPLG. Well except Gio Benitez he’s at ABC News though you see his reports on WPLG.

L to R: Roland Steadham now WPLG weekend meteorologist, was the chief meteorologist at WTVJ until 2005 and worked at WSVN before that. Trent Aric joined WPLG in 2004 and on occasion went up against Steadham during hurrican coverage in ’04 and 2005. Julie Durda. And former WFOR reporter Gio Benitez now reporting at ABC News.

Roland Steadham, Trent Aric, Julie Durda, Gio Benitez
Photo: @RolandOn10

Photo credit: Roland Steadham @RolandOn10

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