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Rick Folbaum Debuts on WFOR


BSnKp1XCMAAKznbMonday was Rick Folbaum’s first day at WFOR as the station’s new lead co-anchor and judging by the emails in the SFLTV inbox, so far so good. They had him paired with Cynthia Demos who, it seems, could be on track to inherit Shannon Hori’s seat. They have her featured in the station new promos that invite viewers to “watch the pros”, sample video below if you can get it playing.

WFOR hired Folbaum away from FOXNews hoping he will be the jolt that gives the station a much-needed boost in the ratings. Whether this would work, we will have to wait a while to see how viewers respond.


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  1. No thanks…still no blacks anchoring. Summer Knowles being third anchor in the mornings? Makes no sense. That’s one of the main reason why WFOR is still last in the ratings.

    • No Blacks? How about seeking out the best people for the job first? With all this hysteria over “diversity,” I’m sure WFOR is open to a Black news reader. As a “creepy white cracker,” I don’t watch a station because of the color of a reporter. They’re all homogenized, anyway; puppets on the end of a script.

    • I agree Local Miami they really need to mix it up! I look at the other stations and I see a reflection of the community, WFOR not so much!

      • This is bull. If you don’t watch a news channel because it doesn’t have a black person then you are a racist. Who turns on a TV channel and starts judging the ratio of skin color of people on screen?

        Answer: A racist.

        You are right: TV news doesn’t reflect the Miami-Dade community. Who would want it to?

        Miami-Dade has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. You wouldn’t watch Julie Durda if she weighed 300lbs and had a light mustache. No one wants to watch fat people on the news. That’s why there are no fat people on the news.

        52% of adults in Miami-Dade are illiterate! They can’t read! 2.5 million people and most of them couldn’t read comic book in any language. So, if you want one of these “community” representatives on the news you will have to design a Teleprompter with pictograms.

        The real Miami is mostly dirt poor, illiterate, and really fat.

        Miami doesn’t want to see this reflection on their evening news. If they did, it would look pretty grim.

        Best to stick with hot chicks in tight outfits and boring old guys in ties. It’s better that way.

  2. Plus, Jim Berry is African American
    Rick and David are Jewish
    Rodriguez is Cuban
    And Demos is 100% local
    That’s the United Nations lining up in the evening on FOR


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