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WFOR Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli Leaves for WPEC


Jeff Berardelli, WPEC MeteorologistWFOR meteorologist Jeff Berardelli is leaving the station and moving one county up to WPEC, the CBS affiliate in Palm Beach. WPEC already announced they hired him, and their chief meteorologist John Matthews has already signed the dotted line on a new contract, so Jeff will be an addition to the team. WPEC have been struggling in the ratings for a while after falling to third place behind WPBF, so adding a strong, experienced meteorologist seems to be one of the ways they plan to claw their way back up.

This is also a market drop for Berardelli, going from 16th to 38th DMA, though it is probably for the better with WFOR seemingly in a disarray now with their man anchors, and chief meteorologist David Bernard leaving.

Jeff Berardelli has been with WFOR since April 2007, he came to South Florida after 4 years at WCBS. His first day at WFOR WPEC will be September 16th

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  1. Things must be really bad at WFOR. For him to leave Channel 4 head north drop 22 markets and be on a team of 5 rather than a regular weekend gig in Miami says something loudly. It is a shame what a mess 4 has become. I think this is just the beginning.

  2. WFOR is a mess. Did the downfall start to happen after Roldan took over? I really want to hear the inside story on this.


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