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WPEC Sports Anchor Pat Murphy is Retiring, Officially This Time

Pat Murphy Photo: CBS12.com
Pat Murphy Photo: CBS12.com

Last May SFLTV told you that WPEC sports anchor Pat Murphy will be retiring. It took a while, as the station had him stick around for the Olympics and other sports coverage, but come this Monday Murphy will be signing off from WPEC for good. In a story published by The Palm Beach Post Murphy says that it’s him “pulling the plug” and that he’s leaving on his own terms. “I’ve gotten a little disenchanted,” he told Post reporter Greg Stoda, “I’ve seen good people forced out the door or not have their contacts renewed.” Murphy says the layoffs at the station and the reduced emphasis on sports coverage took the fun out of his job.

Pat Murphy worked for 11 years at WPTV before moving to WPEC in 1995. His last day at WPEC is Monday March 11th.
[Palm Beach Post]

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  1. You will be missed Pat!! You’ve been a staple on Palm Beach County sports coverage since I can remember. Happy retirement, well deserved..


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