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WPLG Done Testing News Anchor Pairs


WPLG Local 10 NewsWPLG are done with experimenting to see which anchors are working best by letting them “audition” over several weeks.

Post-Newsweek president Emily Barr allegedly didn’t think it was a good idea because it may confuse viewers so she put an end to it. By next week we should see what the permanent anchor teams are. Depending on who I talk to some say we’ll see big changes, while others believe nothing too radical should be expected.

The change probably has to do with ratings. The numbers for WTVJ have picked up since last year, their newscasts are a lot more watchable, and not as stale and drab as they were before the station unveiled a new set and studio in July of 2012. And then there’s WFOR, who as of late have promoted their weekday morning newscast as being the fastest growing.

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  1. Jason and Constance are a good pair. Enjoyed watching them the pass few days. Jen is a better with Calvin and Laurie or as a nightbeat reporter. Julie Durda will bring the ratings up. They should change their set it’s stale and the music is old too. They should create a custom package for the station.

  2. I am curious to know if they will change the set and/or camera angles for full length views of Julie as she is doing the weather.

  3. Betty Davis will be the new Chief Meteorologist! She a great forecaster. Trent Aric is demoted to weekend nights. Did anyone see a few week ago during 11pm show the camera caught Laurie Jennings yawning during his forecast? The camera came back to him and looked very pissed but played it off. Scott Pagent will be on weekends.

    • I did see when Laurie yawned during his forecast but I think its unfair to say it was due to his delivery; maybe she was just tired. I wonder why the camera panned to her in the first place. Accidents happen. They did pull it off nicely though.

      • Funny story, but Laurie yawning during the forecast has nothing to do with Scott. He’s not doing the forecast for the anchors in the studio — they usually do not pay attention other than to handle the transitions from one segment to the next.

        The problem is if people at home are yawning or turning the channel.

  4. Turns out that PLG is going to pull this off beautifully. Rather than abruptly replacing Scott, they’ve given him and others inconsistent shifts. When Julie goes on air, it will be all the buzz, allowing more time for everyone else to fall into place.

  5. Viewers love Betty Davis. She knows her stuff very well. That woman is smart and fine..used to be on The Weather Channel and has a strong educational background.For the record, in this market she will be the first black chief meteorologist. Trina Robinson was the first black meteorologist but Betty is the first chief. So Local 10 is always known to break barriers in broadcasting.

  6. Confirms that today’s local anchors have nothing to do with journalism. Its about bleached white teeth,clear skin, persnality, happy chat, and that ellusive chemistry. So prom kings and beauty queens get in line. Most, especially in larger markets, just read a teleprompter while multitasking with the voice in their ears

  7. Been a fan of WPLG since the days of Ann Bishop. Just switched over to Channel 4 after the butchering of 10’s weather department. Class act Trent has been demoted & Davis is in charge now…redefines the term annoying. She does a great Frankenstein imitation. All laughs from the news team…no substance. Seems like everyone is auditioning for stand up. Miss Trent. Laurie needs to be replaced. Can’t wait for next Top 10. ‘Top 10 Dumpsters!’ Doesn’t ‘New Times’ cover all this? Hello channel 4, you’ve got a new viewer.


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