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WPTV Reporter Alex Sanz Jumps to Associated Press

WPTV Newschannel 5

Zimmerman-Alex Sanz on-air screen grab WPTVWPTV reporter Alex Sanz is joining the Associated Press as a reporter. According to an SFLTV tipster Sanz will be covering the southeastern United States, and will be based in Atlanta. His stories will be appearing all over the web on sites who syndicate AP content, as well as broadcast stations locally who choose to pick up his stories.

Alex Sanz joined WPTV barely two years ago from KHOU in Houston and covered government and politics for the Palm Beach NBC affiliate. His last day at WPTV is said to be sometime toward the end of the month.

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  1. Another WPTV personality is off to Atlanta. First, Kait Parker is going to the Weather Channel, and Sanz to the AP Southeast bureau.

  2. Let’s hope their afternoon news anchor decides to leave as well. Her hair looks like she just got out of bed and stuck her finger in 220 electric socket. 12 will pass them by very soon for the noon number 1 spot.

  3. anchor/ reporter keli fulton also leaving last day january 3. moving to washington dc for sports anchor job at comcast sports net

    • Hate to say it but anyone they replace her with will be an improvement. She has said some strange things on the air sometimes offensive but we wish her well.


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