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WTVJ Anchor Jawan Strader Moved to Mornings!

WTVJ NBC6 South Florida

WTVJ anchor Jawan Strader was moved to weekday mornings and will be anchoring alongside Pam Giganti. Keith Jones, who was actually brought in from Tampa as a morning anchor, will be with Trina Robinson at 5:30pm has been moved to weekend evenings. The change is effective this Monday morning.

WTVJ even updated the promos:

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  1. good call, didn’t seem like Pam and Keith had much chemistry.

    Who will be taking Jawan’s weekend evenings spot at the anchor desk?

  2. So glad to hear this, Keith was stiff and a bit inappropriate with his comments sometimes, like listening to an 8th grader! Weekend newscast? Good, i never watch it! Welcome to Jawan, always liked him!

    • He was cool, Pam is just too old for him. They look odd next to each other, maybe put a young anchor like Roxy or Jennifer Reeves next to him.

  3. I agree with the comments about Keith, but I don’t think Jawan has the ability to do the chipper morning banter required for a show like this. Remember Bob, Pam and Lonnie? Dream team.

  4. I guess NBC 6 will see how the Keith on weekend news and the Pam and Jawan pairing on morning news will work out. If Keith’s run as weekend evening anchor doesn’t work out… I could still picture NBC rehiring Kelly Craig as weekend evening anchor, given that Jackie Nespral is most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

  5. Ryan Phillips & Bob Mayer & Pam Giganti & Roxanne Vargas Where The Main Morning Team At NBC 6 South Florida From 2007 Till 2009 Then Roxanne Vargas Re-Assigned In August 2009 To Do Life Style Reports & Trending Topics On Twitter Then From August 2009 Till March 2010 Karen Curtis & Kristen Kelly Did All The Traffic Updates At NBC 6 & Then Nathalie Pozo Joins NBC 6 Way Back In March Of 2010 & Took Over The Traffic Reporter Dutys From Roxanne Vargas Karen Curtis & Kristen Kelly & Then Bob Mayer Retires In Late June Early July Then Shiri Spear Join The AM Team In September 2010 & Then From September 20th 2010 Till April 27th 2012 Nathalie Pozo Shiri Spear Trina Robinson Roxanne Vargas & Pam Giganti Had The AM Show Then Nathalie Pozo Left NBC 6 Then Joe Brennan Took Nathalie Pozo’s Spot Nathalie Pozo Is Now Working At Total Traffic You Can Hear Her Update’s Between The Hours Of 6 To 8 PM On Big Talk 850 W F T L Then Roxanne Vargas Returns For 2 Weeks To Do The Traffic Updates Back In Then It Went Back To Joe Brennan & Then In July 2012 Keith Jones Joins The AM Team & Way Back In May Ryan Phillips Return To AM With Pam Giganti In & In May 2012 Shiri Spear Moved To Weekends Then Shiri Spear Left NBC 6 In November 2012 Then Erik Salna He Replaces Shiri Spear & Now Keith Jones Moved To Weekends To Join Jennifer Gray Reeves & Courtney Fallon & Jawan Strader Moved To Weekday Mornings To Join Ryan Phillips & Pam Giganti & Joe Brennan ?

  6. The effort to add some eye candy in the mornings at WTVJ didn’t really work out. Keith Jones is not a bad journalist, but if the bosses had any real news vision they would see that he is more of a evening news type of anchor rather than a morning anchor. I’m kind of glad they removed Keith, because Pam Giganti was starting to look plain mental next to Keith. She had to resort to her ditzy persona to try and bring life to the morning show which really made her look silly. Now up to bat is Jawan Strader. Let’s see if he can keep the WTVJ ship from sinking any further.

  7. Keith is good eye candy alright, and God knows WTVJ needs that more than anything. I’m so glad he’s in the afternoon line up as a field reporter. Those shows really need a little excitement and he brings that. Go Keith!!!!

  8. NBC6 did the right thing by moving Jawan to the am! He is some serious eye candy and not lame/stiff or boring like Keith! : )

  9. I liked Keith Jones in the morning. He kept his cool and reported the news straight. Did not seem to be into all of the silliness, that viewers are sometimes subject to. I can appreciate keeping it real without all the hyperness and forced perkiness. Sharon Lawson on the other hand makes me crazy. She overspeaks whoever she’s next to and can’t seem to get enough of herself. I don’t think she ever really hears or listens, but just waits for a chance to chime in. Irritating to watch, but fun to predict her behavior and see just how many times she checks herself out.

  10. Roxie looks pregnant lately, so sorry if I’m wrong, but if not she might want to announce it so viewers are happy for her. Instead of thinking like me, that she is just getting heavy. If she already announced it and I missed it sorry again.

    • I just thought Roxy looked pregnant too! That’s how I found this thread! Googled like crazy but found nothing… She isn’t getting heavy, she’s totally pregnant – that is not the look of someone gaining weigh and she is glowing! Guessing early it’s a girl! This is probably the reason why Kelly Craig is filling in so much (love her by the way and have missed her!) Yeah Roxy… Go Kelly!!!

  11. I also thought Roxy looked pregnant over the past week or two and trying to check, I also ended up here. lol However, in the blue dress she was wearing today, I wasn’t sure…..AND, my captioning was covering her belly area! Still not sure and no official announcement has been made, or else I missed it.

    • OK, I guess now, it’s official. They just did a segment about the Kentucky Derby, this Saturday and showed foods and drink to celebrate with, including Bourbon. Trina and Jackie just said, ‘No Bourbon for you, Roxy!’ So, I guess that verifies it.


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