Home Media Headlines February Sweeps Were Back to Basics

February Sweeps Were Back to Basics


February Sweeps Were Back to Basics

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    • Good article by Al Sunshine. Not surprised by the answers he received.

      The problem in TV or any business is that asking people what they want rarely gives you any insight because what people say publically and what people actually do are two different things.

      Steve Jobs is the classic example. He never asked what customers wanted or worked with consutlants. He hated focus groups and consultants. If he asked people what kind of phone they’d like to have few would of described an iPhone. No one was asking for iPads until they were created.

      And the way TV news is produced is dated. It hasn’t changed much production wise in 30 years.

      In the era of the internet it is absolutely stupid to tease stories and make people wait until 11P for what they can instantly know. Tease a weather forecast and expect me to sit around for 15 minutes? Please. Teases are dead but no one at the TV stations has figured it out yet.

      Sports is dying too on local news and proably should be cancelled all together. Another vestige of a by-one era.

      • Vert good observation. Yes, many stations are desperately clinging to old ways of doing things that don’t work anymore.
        That’s one reason why their news viewers are leaving along with most credibility they’ve tried to earn for decades, while expecting viewers to keep watching the same old stuff that in most cases, doesn’t effect them or their families at all.


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