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The Heat Lost But WPLG Had Massive Ratings


Miami Heat fans got a bunch of coal on Sunday instead of a trophy when the team lost to the Spurs, but WPLG has a few thousand reasons to let loose and celebrate. The station had massive ratings which got it more exposure than money can buy.

According to Johnny Diaz from Sun Sentinel game 2 on Local 10 had a whopping 816,000 viewers, with game 1 scoring 791,000 viewers. Channel 10’s pre-game shows managed 323,000 and 214,000 viewers for game 1 and 2 respectively scoring better than ABC courtside.

Heat and WPLG won the ratings game


  1. Second highest rating for opening NBA finals since 2004. Not bad. Where are the sweeps numbers for May 2014? Why won’t this site post them?

    • They should throw out their morning news team with the old set. Misfits with sinking ratings. Julie should opt out of her contract to get away from those morning clowns if she values her career. Really miss the quality professional mornings with Calvin and Kristi. 10 dropped the ball big time!

  2. So 10 had big ratings during the game. Won’t help them the rest of the year surrounding the games.

    Oh, they built the ship Titanic, to sail the ocean blue……….


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