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Joe Rose to Retire in December


Joe Rose will be hanging up his sports anchor gig hat after 22 years at WTVJ! He’s retiring. From television anyway.

Rose has been a part of the NBC 6 Sports team for 22 years, having joined in 1992. He told NBC 6 he decided it’s time for him to “slow down and get a decent night’s sleep!”. He’s been pulling double duty for more than a decade hosting his own morning radio show on WQAM from 6 to 10am on weekdays, which as you might imagine doesn’t leave a lot of room for sleep.

WTVJ President and General Manager Larry Olevitch says a special send-off is in the works. Joe Rose’ last day on the air at WTVJ NBC6 will be sometime in December.

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  1. Too bad. Likeable and competent. They better get someone really good to replace him because that Cortney is very weak. Lot of ex jocks out there that provide insight from experience with a pleasing personality so 6 management better not DROP THE BALL with their new hire.

  2. I believe that Courtney Fallon is also leaving NBC6 to go work as a sideline reporter on college football for CBS Sports Network.

  3. Adam should become the next Sports Director. He is very good in sports and was under Joe Rose for along time. Move Trina Robinson with Jackie Nespral. Trina is one of the best news anchors at WTVJ. Why keep her secondary? She totally deserves it. NBC 6 is better than CBS 4 these days. That new girl on CBS 4 Irika Sargent does not fit with CBS 4. They should have kept Cynthia Demos.

  4. As long as they don’t make the same self distructive hireing on the cheap which ruined channel 10
    and turned off all their long time viewers.

  5. I do like Local Miami’s thinking, regarding Adam assuming the role of Sports Director/Lead Sports Anchor on 6PM & 11PM newscasts. As for the anchor assignments… I could picture Jackie at 5PM & 11PM, Trina at 5PM & 6PM, and new male anchor at 6PM & 11PM. As for new male anchor… I could see NBC 6 taking the leap-of-faith in promoting Keith Jones. NBC 6 would have the option of either promoting from within, or hiring someone new.

  6. Rumor has it that WTVJ is going to completely gut their sports department once Joe retires. May even go forward without sports, which would be a first in Miami news…

    • I seriously doubt that NBC 6 would want to scale back or completely jettison the sports department. South Florida still has a professional sports presence… NFL’s Miami Dolphins, MLB’s Miami Marlins, NBA’s Miami Heat, and NHL’s Florida Panthers. To break things down… Heat has appeared in NBA Finals 5 times, including 4 consecutive appearances since 2011, and 3 wins (2006, 2012, and 2013), making it a competitive basketball franchise. Dolphins has appeared in Super Bowl 5 times, and won twice (1972 and 1973), and last Super Bowl appearance was in 1984. Marlins has appeared in World Series twice (1997 and 2003) and won twice. Panthers has made only 1 Stanley Cup appearance (1996) but lost. Miami had short-lived WNBA and MLS teams… Miami Sol and Miami Fusion, respectively.

  7. They will get rid of sports. sports does not carry what it used to. now for sports people tune into espn or their mobile devices. No one tunes in for local sports. Look at WPLG they have had the NBA Finals for all these years and with the exception of the days after the game they have not held or gained in ratings. Go figure WSCV is rising extremely fast and WTVJ that was in the hole has come out of nowhere and is in 2nd place in two of its shows. Don’t take my word for it look it up.. Nielsen.





    Deport illegal alien invaders.

    • Fran, this Gringo takes major offense to your ill-advised comments regarding “Spic talk” around here. While you have the right to express your opinion, we as recipients of your communication, do not have to suffer it nor do we have to even like you. Two of my children were born in Spain and are half-Spanish. My ex-wife, their m,other, is Spanish. My current wife is from South America. I have lived outside the United States for more than 20 years and have a much different perspective of our country than if I had stayed here all my life…I speak Spanish, French and bits and pieces of the languages from the countries where I have lived…it has made me a more tolerant individual and a better educated person, better equipped to live and work in a increasingly global environment. I would hope that you really don’t mean that vile comment you made.

  9. Apparently I struck a cord with Fran. Fran you are a person who seems strongly and unfairly dislikes others, their ideas, etc. You seem to be one who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group. Wait for it…. you are a bigot.

  10. Hope he takes that Trina Robinson with him. My god, you can see the rolls of fat through her clothes on the air and those ridiculous hair dos make her look like an old hooker. Show her the door or their ratings will suffer. Good luck, Joe.


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