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Miami TV Market, Competitive As Ever But Spanish Stations and WSVN Dominate

Miami TV Stations

Industry site TVNewsCheck profiled the Miami TV market and the changes happening around here lately with WPLG adding an hour of news at 4pm and WFOR adding new anchors to its team.

WTVJ general manager Larry Olevitch summed it up well when he told TVNewsCheck

“We have English-language stations battling it out on one side. Spanish-language stations are battling it out for their audiences. And we’re all fighting the fact that consumers can get news wherever they want it.”

In Miami with six major TV stations vying for viewer attention daily, WSVN seems to have found the magic formula as they appear to be winning the war for the coveted 25-54 viewers while WTVJ, WPLG and WFOR are left trying to figure out who will be in second place.

[TVNewsCheck: Local News Competition Heats Up in Miami ]

Check out the March ratings

Age 25-54
Source: Nielsen/WSVN

Early Morning
WSVN 1.6
WTVJ 0.8
WPLG 0.7
WFOR 0.4

Evening News
WSVN 1.2
WFOR 0.6
WTVJ 0.6
WPLG 0.5

WSVN 1.3
WPLG 1.2
WTVJ 1.0
WFOR 0.8

[TVNewsCheck: Local News Competition Heats Up in Miami ]

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  1. No surprises here. 7 has strengthened its position while 10 has lost so much of its long time core viewership due to incompetent hires that cannot even accurately read off a teleprompter. Trying to pass off cheerleaders as journalists has really insulted viewers.
    Their not called “The Haitian Station” for nothing. Let’s hope Warren Buffet cleans house.

    • As a former Rentrak user, I can tell you first-hand that Rentrak has many flaws over Neilsen. There is always a disceprancy. Rentrak polls set top boxes provided by cable and sat providers. If the box has an issue, it inaccurately reports the data back. Most of these boxes, especially for Comcast, are refurbished units placed back into service. The key is to get the unit back into service, not make sure it polls Rentrak properly. Rentrak is a system that was devised as a replacement to Arbitron when they left the television scene. Is is hardly a real reflection of actual households watching television at that time, tends to alienate smaller cable companies in major cities (like Miami Beach, Coral Springs and Weston who are on Advanced), and generally does not worry about anyone scrutinizing their numbers.


    Please make this be the start of the number coming on a regular basis and again Thank you !!!!

  3. WPLG – morning. Meh. Dont know what to say bout that show.

    Evenings…much better and competing again as I see it. Keep it up.

  4. To be truly accurate you should post the numbers for channel 23 and 51 right along with the English language stations.

    It will be a true reflection of what the entire Miami market watches. They are all going after the same ad dollars and stations you claim are number one or two are honestly not getting the biggest audience.

    I’ll bet several of those English language stations are in 5th or 6th place. Not 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

    • Good point. A much broader scope would give a truer picture but these numbers are better than nothing which we have been no privy to for many sweeps. Figureing all the stations in would be almost overwhelming.

      • I agree.
        The Miami market numbers have never been easy to get.
        Strange since so many other tv markets around the country regularly publish the numbers of all the stations for everyone one to see.
        It is nice to see some numbers finally!

  5. The answer is that people are just not watching local TV news in large numbers any more. The numbers are dismal.

  6. Besides the “cheerleaders” on Channel 10, they need to put those oldies, Laurie and Kristi out to pasture.

  7. You can take out the “cheerleaders” but keep Julie Durda, Jacey and Janine at the anchordesk. She is doing a great job.

  8. This blog is so biased against the Spanish stations… WSCV is #1 at 6 and 11.. And has been for a long time. They are about to debut a new set as well in the coming days. Just saying, the Spanish stations are a big player in the South Florida TV market to be constantly left out of a SFL TV Blog..

    • Well said Alain.

      But the fact is those at the English language stations will do their very best to continue ignoring the elephant in their living room to their own detriment.

      Let nature take it’s course.

      English language loval tv newsrooms are the new vaudeville, and will follow in vaudeville’s footsteps sooner than many would prefer.

      • English stations are most definitely not ignoring the Spanish stations, the quote from WTVJ’s GM should be evident. One look at Channel 7 and 10 in particular should also show you that

        • Cool!
          So is it possible for us to see the rating numbers straight up between all the stations? English and Spanish?
          That would go a long way in showing there is no bias.
          But it might be a little embarrassing for one or two English language news shows who want to claim something they are not.

    • No bias. If I have their ratings I list them. This post doesn’t ignore them either.

      I don’t speak a word of Spanish so I never really followed what they do, or developed contacts though I’ve talked to people over there but only a few times.

      I mentioned WLTV’s new set a few years ago and gave it thumbs up, so if I know of something I’ll give it a mention

      • you and me both I watch English News and only care about those STATIONS

        thanks again for posting those numbers please keep them coming more often

        Forget all the babies on here CRYING

  9. NO surprise WSVN is #1. For all the jokes about “If it bleeds it leads”, 7 has the perfect balance in delivering the news.

    I’m NO fan of WPLG/10 – however, I have watched Laurie Jennings for many years – back in her days on 7, to MSNBC and now 10. She’s a great anchor. Kristi, Jacey are great anchors as well. 10 is grasping at straws to find their perfect balance and in the mean time, destroying what good they had.

    I didn’t know WFOR and WTVJ were still on …………….


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