The  38TH Annual Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards were held the Westin Beach Resort last week, giving out gold statuettes in 55 categories to TV folk from stations all around Florida, Georgia to Puerto Rico.

Our own WFOR walked away with the most awards of any station. They had 22 nominations, the third most nominated station behind WJAN and WSCV who went home with 7 and 8 awards respectively.

WFOR chief meteorologist Craig Setzer, along with Howard Bernstein, and Angela Travieso won in the weather category for weather coverage with their hurrican special Hurricane 2014: Surviving the Season.

But it was CBS 4 reporter David Sutta who brought home the gold, winning 9 awards alongs with his colleagues. CBS4’s Michelle Gillen and her crew won 3 Emmys and CBS4 Production Manager John Mays received the Chapter’s Governors’ Award.

You can see the full list of winners here [PDF]

Miami Market
WFOR – 13
WTVJ – 4
WSVN – 1
WPLG – 5
WSCV – 8
WLTV – 2
WJAN – 7

West Palm Beach Market
WPTV – 5
WPEC – 1





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  1. Kudos. A year a half ago this station was the door mat of south florida news departments but they righted the ship with smart hires. Now they are headed up instead of south. I think their sweeps ratings will show they are going to give 7 a run for the money. 6 and 10 don’t seem to give their
    morning news a priority.

  2. First, what is a hurrican?

    Second, they can get all the awards they want. WSVN doesn’t need awards to prove they’re #1. Often imitated, never duplicated.

    Third, congrats to all winners.

  3. This proves what many already know.
    Local Emmy Awards do not translate into ratings.
    They are for local tv folks to kid themselves into thinking they are good at what they do.
    The Local Emmy Awards are a business. Give out a trophy to people who will pay and pay and pay to win a worthless little statue. But don’t let that stop anyone from trumpeting how they won a local Emmy!
    Just look at the WFOR ratings and you will see what a waste of time an Emmy Award is when it comes to proving you make a product the majority of people actually want to watch.


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