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WFOR Hires Irika Sargent as New Anchor


Irika Sargent WFOR CBS 4 Miami anchorEarly this morning WFOR announced they have hired Irika Sargent as the station’s weekday early evening and 11pm co-anchor. Sargent comes from Houston NBC affiliate KPRC where she anchored weekends and reported during weekdays.

In addition to a bachelor of journalism degree, Sargent also holds a Juris Doctorate from Cornell Law School and practiced law for four years at the New York offices of Miami-based international law firm Greenberg Taurig.

“We are excited to welcome Irika Sargent to CBS4,” said Adam Levy, Vice President and General Manager of WFOR/CBS4 and WBFS/myTV33. “Irika will be another key addition to the talented and experienced news team we have here and we look forward to having her partner with Rick, starting in May. We are also fortunate to have Cynthia Demos, a consummate pro who does a great job of handling every assignment that she is given, on our team.  Cynthia has given us an experienced and steady hand at the anchor desk during our evening newscasts the past several months and we look forward to having her continue to be a key contributor to our success.”

Look for her début on WFOR in May.

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  1. Beginning in May WFOR weekday/weeknight anchor lineup will look like this

    Mornings: Rhiannon Ally, Walter Makaula & Summer Knowles
    5 & 11 PM Irika Sargent & Rick Folbaum
    Noon & 6 PM Elliott Rodriguez & possibly Cynthia Demos if they decide to keep her at a weekday slot.

    • Sounds like a real smart cookie. Great credentials. Maybe they will get back in the sweeps game. When Ally returns Knowles is back to field reporter. Knowles was doing a Lebron James dance on the air during a morning newscast the other day. Bush league, very bush.

    • Agreed. The station has gone downhill ever since April 2011, when they demoted Antonio Mora. That was the beginning of the jump the Shark period for cbs4.

  2. Irika looks a lot like former anchor Angela Rae, which WFOR was trying to lure back to anchor with Rick, but I guess they had to settle for a lookalike. Too bad for Cynthia is getting pushed aside, kind of like what they do to Elliot. I personally like Cynthia and feel she was doing a good job co-anchoring with Rick.

    What about their weather team? Why have they not added Michael and John to their website or announced or announced a chief meteorologist. Are they still trying to figure that out?

    Too many changes at WFOR.

    • No way in hell would WFOR want Angela Rae back. She spent over a decade there and as much as she could’ve been a good anchor, her vicious, abusive behavior towards others especially the tech. dept. drove too many people away and in the end killed her tv career. No jelousy here. Speaking the truth! If you thought WFOR was a hostile workplace now…I can tell you stories about her.

  3. One has to wonder why they (WFOR) made all those promos touting Cynthia Demos as co-anchor of the 5 & 11 PM newscasts if they were just using her as a “fill-in” until they hired someone permanent. But apparently in their eyes Cynthia is not good enough to be weeknight anchor, but is good enough to be a fill-in ridiculous.

  4. Cynthia is great and actually knows this area. This is a move about trying to get the African American audcience.

    • Are you kidding me?! You think AAs – or any other race – watch one news program over another based on who’s behind the anchor desk??

  5. Leave it CBS to keep messing up. They have been on a downslide for so long. first they shuffle women out the door once they had a baby. They sure demoted Cynthia and Maribel after they had kids – Rhiannon better watch out. Now they are going to bump Cynthia out of the evening position – for what reason this time, I personally quit watching when they threw Jawan Strader under the bus.

  6. So happy Cynthia Demos is getting pushed back. I can’t stand to watch her one more time talking out of the side of her mouth plus fawning over the male newsmen. Time for a change!

  7. I am African – American, and CBS4 is the station I watched for my news. The main reason, is that they are not promoting unnatural, unhealthy, immoral lifestyle. They are more a family station. I don’t watch King Latifah though. The Grammy was sickening too!

  8. The recent addition of Irika is further indication that they restructuring towards a younger and more diverse audience, with less regard for the quality of the anchor. Speaking for the “50+” generation, we like our news delivered by seasoned reporters; those that have been “around the block” a few times and understand the complexities of politics, business, sociology and science. The brightest light in CBS4’s daily news line-up is Charlie, Nora and Gail in the morning. Look at their experience; look at their on-camera personas. THAT’s real professional TV news. When you want to see the Master at building news teams that blend competent news reporting with style and the ability to generate ratings that blow the competition away, look no further than Roger Ailes. CBS4 – please give us back our seasoned professionals and groom these young “wannabees” at earlier time slots during the day.

  9. About Otis Livingston and Cindy Hsu resently Otis anan Cindy talking about heaving sex with Marie Calvi I saw tjis anchorc people gat drunk and start talking about their sex relasnship with their co workers Otis and Cindy can not be tyrusted

  10. why cbs network aloud Otis Livingston to read new on netional television if he is sach rasist Otis told me white people milks


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