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What’s on at 4pm: WSVN vs WPLG


WPLG recently launched a 4pm newscast to compete with WSVN. Here’s a look at today’s 4pm rundown of both stations and what they covered. Channel 10 had more stories overall, 19 with two commercial breaks compared to WSVN which aired 12 stories and three commercial breaks.

Both stations covered the decision by Miami to keep Ultra Music Fest in downtown, WPLG devoted just 32 seconds to the news while WSVN 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

When it came to the story of the step father who shot is step daughter things reversed, Channel 7 gave it 32 seconds of air time, while WPLG devoted a 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The early morning wreck involving a Lamborghini that left its driver dead, got about the same amount of coverage by both stations 2.44 vs 2.42 minutes.

WPLG also sent anchor Laurie Jennings to cover the Pope’s sainthood which WSVN gave no mention to in its first half-hour.

WSVN and WPLG 4pm Newscast Compared

And the whole rundown for both stations





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  1. Let’s face it, since the lead story is mostly the same, the sports scores are the same, and weather forcasts are generally identical, the viewer gravitates and prefers the on air personalities they most identify with. Comparitively speaking channel 7 wins hands down when it comes to experience, competence, and professionalism. Putting on the wrong video , botch reading off the teleprompter by incompetent reporters not to mention that annoying running spanish script at the bottom of the screen has killed 10. Just stating the obvious. Sweeps numbers bare this out. 10 is last by a wide margin.

  2. WPLG has a good product, but they have made terrible decisions with talent. I used to watch, but Betty is unwatchable. Julie for Scott? Victor a news anchor? Most of the new reporters have no experience. PLG’s senior reporters are great, but it’s too hard to get through other stuff.

  3. Channel 7 is like Bay News 9……and I dont watch them either.

    An infomercial at best.

    I question most of their viewership…..

  4. Meanwhile, there are no stories of substance that actually affect citizens daily lives in either rundown. Nothing about the legislature in session in Tallahassee.

  5. To be honest, I’ve never been that crazy about 7. Their news product often gives me the impression that the talent, somehow sees a glass as half empty.


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