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WLTV Gets Its Own News Helicopter

WLTV Univision 23 helicopter Vision 23

Things must be really swell over at WLTV Univision 23 because they are now operating their own news helicopter, which makes them one of only two TV stations in Miami to splurge on a full-time chopper, the other being WSVN with 7 Skyforce.

WLTV is saving a bit of money though. Vision 23, as they call it, is a Bell Ranger 206L-3 which is smaller, and no doubt cheaper to operate, than the Bell 407s that are Skyforce and Sky10. Another way WLTV is offsetting the costs of operating the helicopter is by having a local car dealer sponsor it. The helicopter is owned and operated by Helicopters Inc. which also fly for WSVN and WPLG. Another interesting tidbit we found is that this chopper used to fly for Tampa’s WTSP.

We are somewhat surprised to see the station go for their own helicopter because several months ago sources told us that WLTV may be joining the Sky10 pool with WFOR, WTVJ, and WPLG. However, we hear that one of the pool requirements says that a station has to ask permission from every station in the pool before they can dispatch the chopper out to a story, so it’s not hard to see why WLTV decided it may be better to go it alone. And bragging rights of course. WLTV is airing that Vision 23 promo you can watch below.

Which reminds me, why hasn’t Channel 7 made a big deal out of having their own news helicopter?!

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  1. This is a flat-out LIE. The red helicopter you see is a back-up chopper that all the stations use when their helicopter is down for maintenence. WLTV made a deal with Helicopters, Inc and put a bunch of stickers on the chopper… they went around and shot promos. Then the stickers came down. They continue to pool a helicopter with channels 4, 6/51, and 10.

  2. If you look closely at the Univision logo on the side of the chopper just before the tail starts, you can see the gray “swish” that was part of the logo for the chopper’s previous station, WTSP CBS 10 in Tampa.


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