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WTVJ Hit With Political Ad Disclosure Complaint

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Open government advocacy groups The Campaign Legal Center, and the Sunlight Foundation have filed complaints with the FCC against several broadcast TV stations for failing to properly and completely disclose information about political ads paid for by Democrat and Republican groups.

One of the stations targeted is WTVJ for failing to disclose information in its online public file about a political ad it aired in January of this year as required by FCC regulations and the Communications Act.

The ad paid for by LIBRE, a grassroots organization with headquarters in Mission, TX targeted a local congressman for his support of the Affordable Care Act and paid WTVJ $21,075 (including commissions) to air the commercial. In its public file Channel 6 disclosed the contract, rates, dates and times the ad ran but failed to disclose the candidate targeted by the ad and the issue.

NAB form PB-18 asks whether the ad communicates a “message relating to any political matter of national importance” and uses the Affordable Care Act as an example of such issue, WTVJ left that area of the form blank.

The Sunlight Foundation filed similar complaint against ten other broadcast television stations for similar violations.

[WTVJ Complaint] [PDF]





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