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New video


WPLG open, close, talent and more videos were added

WTVJ-NBC6 Chopper Crash update


The NTSB has given their final report on what caused the WTVJ-NBC6 chopper crash last year. According to them, it was the pilot’s fault, because he put the chopper into such a steep and sudden climb, that the rotor chopped the tail off. The chopper crashed last year in March, in a residential area in Miami-Dade county, killing the pilot Ruben Rivero and cameraman Rob Pierce. What is even more striking to me, is that apparently the cameraman had complained about the extreme maneuvers Rivero did with the chopper. The Sun Sentinel has published an article about this, click here to read it

CBS4 video


CBS4 open and talent videos are on. Thinks WPLG would be next, hm?:)

WTVJ Hosts Town Hall Meeting


WTVJ will host a town hall meeting which will air live at 7pm tonight. The meeting will focus on what problems the local community has and how they can be resolved. Hosts will be anchors Jennifer Valoppi, Michael Williams and Jackie Nespral. And oddly enough, no commercial brakes thanks to ______________ sorry they didnt pay for a spot here 🙂

Sweeps results


Sweeps results are in, and lets just say, they were little surprising!!!

According to an article published on March 2nd, in the Miami Herald, the sweeps battle in South Florida, was closer than ever, separating the 4 big from each other by a little more than a signle point.
NBC6 is breathing in the neck of CBS4, both stations separated by just a 10th of a ratings point, with CBS4 leading. WSVN-FOX7, to my dissapointment and a big surprise was number 3, and WPLG-ABC10 was NUMBER 4!! I dont know, it might be my misunderstanding, but WPLG and WSVN used to lead the local market!