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Busted: WSVN exposes Miss Cleo


The special report from Carmel Cafiero will air tommorow, named “The Psychic Speaks”. The News Station nailed her down infront of a store, or so it looks from a promo they just ran. Should be interesting to see what she has to say. Wonder if she already knew it? Hhhhmmmmmm
Watch for the video here.

Promo – .wmv format, 440KB, 00:17 sec – User right click save-as if on dial-up

Since I can’t watch each and every station, if you know of any other interesting special reports from a local station let me know

KDFW in trouble


KDFW in trouble with the FAA too
Few days ago badboys WFOR and WTVJ had their choppers fired up because of a high speed SUV chase down to the Keys they got in trouble with the FAA, because of the no-fly zone restrictions imposed by the agency. Yestarday it was KDFW that followed a speedingtruck on fire going towards Fort Worth, near Ft. Worth Int’l Airport. KDFW is in trouble now with the FAA as well, for possibly violating the no-fly zone near the airport.

While we are on the news chopper theme
Who’s got the best news chopper digs? Let us see. Whether images or videos of South Florida news choppers, or elsewhere, send them to fltv@yahoo.com along with as much stats of the chopper as possible. The images and videos will be featured on this site, where hundreds of visitors daily will be able to vote for the chopper they like the best, so this is your time to shine 🙂

new videos


6 WSVN videos added. Sorry, tried to make them stream for those of you that are on dial-up but unfortunately had problem with the hosting. I’ll work out something, hopefully soon. Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

WSVN Morning Anchor John Turchin Suspended?


The morning news anchor of Today In Florida, John Turchin, was suspended for a whole month, without pay because he appeared on a video made for Carnival Cruises, where he greets the passengers and gives them safety and shopping tips. According to the Miami Herald, he was called on Wednesday and told that he was “history — fired”. But the next day station management reversed the decision to just suspended. Anchors in WSVN reportedly earn a $100,000 figure. Also, on that video Turchin made, appeared his former co-host, Pam Giganti who left WSVN last year on maternity and was supposed to return in July, but that never happened.
It is a newsroom policy, not to allow Anchors and on-air staff to endorse commercial enterprises. John has been with WSVN for 11 years, he in my opinion is the best anchor, and I hope that dont go too far, because it can actually hurt ratings. For the whole article from the herald click here

We’re growing


South Florida TV News is approaching the 5,000 mark on the site counter in less than 2 months, and that is all thanks to you. Thanks for coming, thanks for all the feedback. Keep coming and enjoying this site. Thank You for making us #1!