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Busted: WSVN exposes Miss Cleo

The special report from Carmel Cafiero will air tommorow, named "The Psychic Speaks". The News Station nailed her down infront of a store, or...

KDFW in trouble

KDFW in trouble with the FAA too Few days ago badboys WFOR and WTVJ had their choppers fired up because of a high speed SUV...

new videos

6 WSVN videos added. Sorry, tried to make them stream for those of you that are on dial-up but unfortunately had problem with the...

WSVN Morning Anchor John Turchin Suspended?

The morning news anchor of Today In Florida, John Turchin, was suspended for a whole month, without pay because he appeared on a video...

We’re growing

South Florida TV News is approaching the 5,000 mark on the site counter in less than 2 months, and that is all thanks to...