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ABC to Counter WeatherPlus


ABC has partnered with Accuweather to provide their own 24/7 weather channel similar to WeatherPlus. The service will also be digital and will be on at all 10 ABC owned and operated stations by the end of the year.

B&C ABC, AccuWeather Team on Digital Channel (via LostRemote)


  1. COPIERS! lol… I can’t even get weatherplus cuz I dont have digital cable (even though i really want it) i mean i could watch it online and i have but its just stupid if you ask me…… we have the weather channel for that. the reason i say its stupid because it’s integrated itself into the regular news. “The NBC6 WeatherPlus Dopplar Radar” I think it’d be a good idea if it was on regular cable and didnt effect the regular news cast.

  2. Something to add…. I love those short clips of Lonnie on the NBC6 homepage hahaha soo funny… (though it’s a little stupid today (monday))

  3. ABC is really unfair to non-O&Os.. If you see WeatherPlus.. O&Os and Other Stations have it.. It’s not just an O&O thing.

  4. WeatherPlus is the next big thing to develop in broadcasting and weather. I think it will be another source to choose from, given the time. You have FOX, CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, CNBC…why not ANOTHER choice for weather info? And if there are 3 to choose from should ABC get in the ring, it just adds to the choice, competition.

  5. you’d think with more channel space these people will get more creative instead of saturating the market with “content” people don’t watch. Next thing you know people who watch newscasts only for the weather won’t tune in because they can just flip the channel and see the forecast instead of waiting and watching the useless news to see the forecast


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