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Renderon is back


One of my favorite graphics studios has just relaunched their site. Renderon is one of the newest broadcast design studios on the block with a truly unique flavor. If you’ve seen WTMJ and the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas you know what Im talking about.

If you like eyecandy head on to Renderon’s site and check out the reel

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  1. I second that comment. It seems that smaller markets knows how to deliver news with the latest technology. With no cheap foil-looking logos in front of the anchor desk.

  2. that is awesome. as far as im concerned, atleast one station in the top 10 markets should have those graphics. but unfort your right, most outlets are cheap and dont want to pay. o well. until then, lets continue to watch really really crappy graphics

  3. FanofWTVJ we’re talking ONAIR graphics.

    Nate: Renderon isn’t that expensive if smaller market stations can afford them and get something great without it look like it was tepmlated

  4. WOW!!!!!!!

    That is amazing!! TVJ needs to call them like right now!
    Oh man, that is just crazy! I love them all but I especially love how the nbc logo like comes out of the water! Wow! That’s all I’ve got to say lol

    Any chance of any of our channels getting that anytime??


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