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NBC6 hurricane Hummer?


Yes NBC6 has a hurricane Hummber. More after they run the segment on 6 in a bit.

Update 12:55pm – they teased their new toy for more than a half hour, saying it was coming up next and it finally did. Good thing I got the DVR! The Hurricane Hummer is really, very yellow and has a LCD screen in the trunk.

update 3:08pm: here it is – video of NBC6 Hurricane Hummer 11.2MB WMV format


  1. i missed it cuz i was watching for wilma…..he he he
    i wonder how much use they will get out of the hummer since the gas mileage is terrible…..

  2. Great clip admin…

    The local ABC station in Tampa has a vehicle called the “Storm Tracker”. I don’t recall what kind of vehicle it is though.

    Wilma’s rains are beginning. Guess I need to call the Hurricane Hummer.

  3. no kidding? Is it on the website? I’ll have to go look. that’s awesome. no one else has one. wonder how they’ll use it with Wilma? how come they didn’t use it during the other storms?

  4. It looks cool. too bad their live trucks don’t look as interesting. They look like something from the 70s with it’s off-white color and a big red streched-out ‘6’ on the side.

  5. OK, so it’s a Hummer with a fancy paint job. There’s a guy running a wireless internet laptop in the back seat that hooks to a huge aux screen in the back. The inside of a Hummer is so small that they couldn’t fit much more in there if they tried. What a bunch of hype. Sheesh! And I loved the part where Trina “presses” on the screen and you can see the cursor being moved by someone else. Too much.

  6. Joe your pretty critical, just like the dam thing will ya. its a cool tool and kudos to TVJ for being the first int he market with this toy. I wonder how many will follow.
    Also the NBC 6 logo is pretty annoying, its moves at a slow pace then boom, turns pretty quick to promo thier website. should just have it all at one speed.
    good work for tvj, maybe this is a start to get them actually in the ratings and not be so boring bc like i said, they got great potential to be a good newscast.
    Good luck south flordia in the next few days.

  7. nate, what are you kidding me? That thing is a complete sham. Big freakin’ deal – a Hummer with fancy paint and a laptop with satellite. There are high school kids with better rides than that. If TVJ thinks that’s the sh*t, then they don’t have a clue. I certainly hope nobody follows with that garbage – there’s enough trash on the news as it is. BTW, ever see the Ultimate Taxi? Now _that’s_ a ride…

    OK, time to go watch Wilma on 4. Fageddabout 7 – Belkys needs to go back to Mars. And Dwight’s more animated than ever on 10. Maybe they should call Pixar when his contract’s up…

  8. LOL Thats so funny cuz I thought I left to get something to drink and missed it! It took so long to come on! But yeah that looks cool… though I’ve gotta say I was a little dissapointed when they opened the door and there was just one guy with a computer in there lol…

  9. hahha well regardless, thanks for the laugh joe. and dwights animated huh! hahah i dont live in SFL, but visit often so i cant see what you mean.
    have a good weekend everyone, and Joe, try not to get all goog ga over this hummer thing huh!!!!!

  10. With one good driving rain it will be the WTVJ weather bummer. That stuff will not hold up… smoke and mirrors people. But still pretty cool looking!

  11. i guess you need a hummer when you have no weather talent. can you believe poor wtvj this summer – all these hurricanes and the worst weather people known to man.. a clown named lonnie.. a teenage boy and a
    has-been from ch. 10

  12. They Want To get more viewers to tune in, by adding a Hummer but it is not going to happen they still suck. WSVN-TV is the best!

    *Expect to see other news stations to follow

  13. CNN has a SUV that does the same thing ,it goes out during a Hurricane and give live feed to the studio, Rick Sanchez(CNN) does that.

  14. i can’t wait to see the hummer in action…. i’d like to be a fly on the wall to see who gets to drive it and report from it…. i’m sure everyone wants to do it

  15. Go ahead disagree with me like people here love to do but I like Lonnie! I think he’s really funny! Anyway he’s always serious around hurricanes anyway. Trina isn’t bad…. but I hate John and that so called “teenager” he needs to learn how to talk haha. What they really need is Roland back.

  16. Why does Lonnie have his shirt sleeves rolled up past the elbow all the time? Doesn’t TVJ have A/C in the studio? 😉 And past the elbow is a definite fashion faux paux. Maybe he should do weather in the Hummer…


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