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7News/7Sports Banned From Miami Dolphins Practice


A 7News photog was present during Dolphin practice yesterday and filmed one of the players doing the regular peptalk yelling profanities at the top of his lungs.

7News aired the video during all its newscasts even though Saban and Dolphins PR people objected

Before showing the video Steve Shapiro joked about it saying that Dolphins coach and PR people did not want 7News showing the video but that “that is two good reasons why we are running the story” after the video aired Shapiro joked that “I never was able to take orders”.

That allegedly sent the Dolphins whining and banning 7News crews from Dolphins Practice.

7News has aired video with profanity laced peptalks from Dolphins training before without any repercussions.

Judging by the report they aired at 5pm 7News aren’t losing any sleep over the ban at all. They remain totally unapologetic.


  1. I think that they can show it as much as they want. Maybe coach should have stopped the player from saying the words.

  2. No news organization should be banned because they air the truth. Too bad for the Dolphins because that is one less station (a high rated one) that will carry their “sports news.” It’s sad that this country does not have real, fearless journalism. At least 7 was being fearless for airing the video because they could care less about the Dolphins at the moment. Well Happy Thanksgiving all. Be safe!

  3. why should wsvn be unapologetic?? its the dolphins that should be apologizing to their fans for treating a tv station this way…its through the media that most fans learn of developments regarding their team…

    shame on the fins

  4. I didn’t mean to say 7 should be apologizing, simply observed that they didn’t after getting banned.

    I think airing the video was one part of the reason why 7 got banned.

    The other reason I think has to do with 7 sticking it to the PR dweebs by refusing to cave to their demands and Shapiro taunting them on the air the way he did. Which was funny.

    Steve Shapiro said the media is allowed to film the first 10 minutes of training, quite insignificant. 7 probably has the same video from previous days of a bunch of dudes warming up, one yelling profanities.

    What’s the big deal anyways, the guy was yelling out dirty words. Worse things are being screamed at and about players on the stands during games 😀

  5. HAHAHAHA serves 7 right…since when are they the Sports stations anyway? No one turns to them for Dolphins coverage, and what the big deal anyway, the same profanity goes on in the news room. Would they air that? I think not.

  6. I’m glad they ran it, but 7News wasn’t performing a public service. They’re running a business, and they ran that piece because it generated more income than not running it would have.

  7. While it was wrong for the Fins to do that, I’m kinda glad, cuz I cant STAND Shapiro. He comes across as a pompous fool.

  8. Shapiro is a great guy, I actually had the privallege to have lunch with him and a couple of the anchors and producers, but I think of the video as the Seinfeld guy video, they aired it and they bleeped out the curses, same with this report. Im sorry but that is NO reason to ban a news station. I understand banning a station for cursing at the coach or at the players or interrfiering with the practice, but they werent doing that, they were just airing what they recorded… There is nothing wrong with that.

  9. i agree with Phantasm, i worked with shapiro for a while and i think he’s an a-hole. as for the phins, its their loss cuz i think 7 is one of the best stations in so. fla.


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