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Shireen Sandoval Coming Back to Deco


I just got a tip from someone saying Shireen Sandoval is coming back to Deco Drive as the second full time reporter for the show.

Look for her on Deco Drive sometime in November

SunSentinel Tom Jicha Blog – Shireen Sandoval returns to WSVN


  1. Good to have her back, but boy she didn’t stay gone long. I guess just got homesick for south Florida.

  2. YAY!!!!!!! now if we can get rid of Louis…Does anyone know if she will be based out of NYC and just travel for the show?

  3. Found this on the sun-sentinel.com: Shireen Sandoval had her taste of the Big Apple. Now she’s returning to the Big Orange and Deco Drive.

    The entertainment specialist resigned from WSVN-Ch. 7 a little over a year ago to be with her new husband in New York. She kept her hand in the business as a free lance reporter. Now her husband is coming back to South Florida with her.

    Sandoval will join Ellie Rodriguez in covering local show business and celebrity news and will probably get to fill in at the anchor desk, as she sometimes did during her first tour of duty.

  4. Louis and Lynn are the best on Deco . It would not be as funny without Louis. Like I said before glad to see Shireen coming back, but Louis and Lynn are a trip on Deco.

  5. I perfer Lynn Over louis anyday. To me, Louis is the Sidekick. Lynn is the main star of that show. When its Louis only cohosting i tend to flip the channel, and plus his adams apples drives me crazy…

  6. wow i guess she and that new girl will be doing all the footwork while Lin and Louie relax in the studio as usual……but i wish Balkeys would come back to deco drive….or maybe Shireen can convince Elita to come back too….LOL

  7. Shireen is a hottie but Ellie is crazy hot!! I saw her in Maxium magazine a few months back WOW! Lynn is old new…

  8. Hey guys I knew her back in Texas when she got her start. Shes a wonderful person and I loved working with her. BTW did you know she related to the VP


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