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WPTV Making Big Changes


WPTV, one of the country’s top stations, is making some huge changes to their main anchor team. Laurel Sauer who’s anchored the station’s main newscasts with Jim Sackett for 18+ years will be replaced at 11pm by 5pm anchor Kelley Dunn. However, Sauer and Sackett will still anchor the 6pm newscast together. She will also co-anchor the one hour midday newscast.

Kelley Dunn joined WPTV in 1986, a year after she graduated from the University of Florida, and has been there since, only station she’s ever worked at in fact.

WPEC and WPBF have been challenging WPTV at 11pm for sometime occasionally taking the top stop in that time spot and some speculate this is the reason for the changes.

Additionally veteran reporter and anchor Tim Malloy will join Shannon Cake at 5:30pm.

Investigative reporter Miranda Khan who joined WPTV in 2004 and assistant news director Larry Ganns have left the station.

PalmBeachPost.com – Channel 5’s unbreakable pair may split


  1. Any gains and wins at 11pm at WPEC and WPBF are probably due to the sorry state of NBC primetime. I doubt it’s due to people growing tired of Sackett/Sauer. Surely that would have happened years ago.

    Good to see Tim Malloy behind the anchor desk permanently. I like his style.

  2. why wptv tv in west palm beach don’t have any black anchors or reporters. news news channel 5 need a make over with new talent. they need more young anchors. beacase the ones they got now is old . thats why they ratings are slipping

  3. Tania Rogers is black.
    Agreed they need to put a couple of anchors to pasture. It’s sad that the only weekday anchor under 40 is Shannon Cake who is great (has been at the station most of her career though) but WPTV looks like a retirement village. However, I don’t think it’s why ratings are slipping. Ratings are down because NBC primetime SUCKS. The anchors at 5 are the best in the market.

  4. It’s Deja Vu all over again. Almost 20 years ago, Laurel Sauer was ‘demoted’ to the noon news by WPEC Channel 12. She sued and got out of her contract and went to WPTV Channel 5. Yeah, Channel 5 got tired of her, much like Channel 12, and no doubt, much like the Palm Beach County market. Maybe she can make Geritol ads.


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