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Sweeps Numbers – 18 of 20 Days


Someone posted these on TVspy – it’s 18 of 20 days average ratings. November sweeps end today.
Would be nice to see how 7News at 4 is doing against Judy and Oprah. And WTVJ’s South Florida Tonight at 7pm

1 ratings point equals 15,386 households.

The ratings are Monday-Friday

*Edit: sorry the computer ate them

* 6a – 9a
** 10pm


  1. Brandon, With electronic meters that are rotated in various zip codes.

    Wow, 4’s rating really suck (no surprise). WPLG is killing it.

  2. Diaries are just that – every member of the family enters what they watched and when and for how long.

    Electronic meters are either something that attaches to the TV that tracks channels or those new “people meters” thing Nielsen is using in the top 5 or top 10 markets. It listens for signals embedded in the audio stream …

  3. For at least the last 10 years the Miami Market has been
    using overnight meters. Nielsen provides families with an electronic box that attaches to the TV set. It checks in every 15 minutes and records what channel is being watched. It then tabulates the numbers and provides a daily print out to the stations so they can monitor their progress.

    If I’m not mistaken, diaries may still be used but mostly for radio listening.

    Hope this helps


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