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Tomorrow Last Day for Brian Andrews at WFOR


Brian Andrews signs off from WFOR tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th.
In the morning he’ll be on The Footy Show on WIOD 610 – sometime between 09 and 12pm. He leaves for Caracas on Friday.

And since he’s freelancing chances are high we’ll be seeing him on stations other than WFOR as well.

You can keep an eye on his big move at his new blog and site


  1. Best of luck Brian. I enjoyed watching you during your time here. CBS4 will never be able to find someone that can provide the same quality and passion for the job that you gave them.

  2. It’s the end of an era in Miami. Brian was one of the best reporters and story tellers on Miami TV. From breaking news to the story he did on his Father’s accident at WSVN, he was really good. Best of luck B!

  3. Brian got really sick on his last night and left after his 5pm live shot. This was the second day he called out sick. Apparently, he got food poisoning the day before.

  4. He may have been good on TV but he had frequent fact problems. Not that that really matters on TV.

    End of an era NewsGeek?

    The Red Sox winning the World Series, the end of the Orange Bowl, Shula’s retirement, Marino’s retirement. Those are all examples of era enders. Brian’s departure is just the end of his job.

    I know it’s one less face time loving and noble TV reporter, we will survive this.

    Let’s all hold hands now in solidarity.

  5. Hey Geraldo. Get YOUR facts right. Brian never had a problem with factual reporting. I can’t recall him EVER going on the air to retract a mistake.
    Quit throwing stones. How about just wishing the guy well in his new life instead of ripping him.

  6. thinkpink…

    we wish brian well. he’s a relatively good guy who works very hard. BUT some of those who have worked beside him… at four and at seven have long known him to stretch a fact or two… or backstab a coworker… in an effort to promote his own agenda. hopefully, he’ll outgrow it… because he is a very capable broadcaster… who doesn’t need to resort to such tactics.

  7. thinkpink,

    TV stations never make retractions unless they are forced by their lawyers, legal action or threat of legal action. Never. They depend on people like you to believe that they are journalists to keep the lights on.

    huh obviously knows him. You on the other hand are a couch sitter who stares at the tube fantasizing (with both hands and a bottle of baby lotion), convicining yourself that you know him and he knows you.

    This is Tv blog about the media. Let his friends and family wish him well. I don’t know him.


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