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Following the Election Online


WFOR: 7pm EST live chat with live video stream of CBS4 (?) coverage

WTVJ: WTVJ live online (website); Windows Media player link

WSVN: WSVN live (website); Windows media player link

WPLG: Election Marathon video (website); Windows Media Player link

WPTV: Live election coverage video stream (click player on the right side)


  1. Hands down WSVN has had the best coverage I’ve seen today. Dave Kartunen SHINED!!! When he talks about politics, you just want to listen to what he has to say. He has such a great future ahead. Also Patrick Fraser and Derek Hayward did a wonderful job covering the election process. To the best team! Great job!!! Props to the WSVN website and election center, Nice.

  2. From what I was able to see, WSVN did great job on tv, and I liked what WPLG did online. I watched some of it and it was good idea to do election coverage all day just on line. But after 7 o c’lock most people are glued to tv. Seemed like 4 and 6 were pretty average.

  3. Yes Maam !!!!!

    7news Rocked as usual.

    Belkys, Craig, Lynn, Derek, Patrick, Dave and the whole team did a an amazing job. 7 news the news leader in south Florida. I for one thank you 7 news for giving me a viewer the most precise news coverage from start to finish.

  4. I for one am shocked that America picked Obama. I mean I voted for him and wanted him to win, but I thought it would never happen in America. However I am not surprised by the yes on 2 passing. It just goes to show America is ready to change about somethings, but not others. I mean who cares who someone else loves or doesn’t love. I for one have enough problems with keeping up with who is in my bed.


  5. Except, of course, if a TV isn’t available, I’ll never understand why anyone would go online to watch election coverage snapshots on a little screen when live, up-to-the-minute coverage on a big screen in HD (except for the pitiful SD showings by 7 and 4) is available.

    As for 7’s absurd ‘copter coverage, how does watching people standing in line in the dark enhance my viewing experience? Ridiculous.

  6. WFOR looked like they were totally not ready for the elections.
    On air was very weak, plus a blue bar that no one could read the text on

    They didn’t even attempt to make any new graphics, thank god it was only a historical night.

    I feel sorry for Michael Williams…..the man is better than that station

  7. That’s true Joe. I watched WPLG online at work, but watched 7 most of night on tv when I got home. I guess that’s who they were targeting.

  8. FWIW, here’s my post from the ‘Election Day Coverage – Who’s Doing What’ thread:

    WFOR was SD all night only so they could put their local banner and logo up. Absurd.

    WTVJ and WPLG were network HD all the way except for the 5-minute local cutouts. HD was fabulous.

    WSVN’s stretch-o-vision was obnoxious at best, and I couldn’t take more than a few seconds of Belkys’ blathering. Also, local coverage was mostly useless as I didn’t really care what was going on in other non-relevant areas. And I really didn’t need to see ‘copter shots of people standing on line in the dark. Big waste of fuel and money.

    WPBT was the big winner IMO, as they presented the most straightforward coverage, and it looked fabulous in HD.

  9. At least stretch-o-vision was a signal! Boston’s WHDH’s Digital signal “died out” (by died out, just a black screen, but there was a signal) at around 9-10PM, and didn’t come back on until nearly 1AM. It was them, as it was dead across Cable, Satellite, and antenna. The Analog feed was still on, but no Digital feed until 1AM or so, just a black screen for nearly two hours! After that it was SD on the digital channel until the noon news today – what timing!

  10. WSVN’s coverage was average. I had to switch the channel when Charles Billi came on the air. I need someone to translate what he was talking about.

  11. We had to watch the results online because we were in campaign offices without a TV, so we watched it on a projector.


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